You Are Vulnerable and You Don't Even Know Why. I'll tell you.

Are you losing sleep over money? Don’t worry you are not alone. ‍The flame of inflation is starting to burn brighter and the warmth of the fire is becoming unbearable. The costs of living are too high. So what can we do?

Understanding the Value of Time

They like to say, "Time is money".

It's a lie. Time is SO much more than money

Time is 10x more valuable than money.

Money is everywhere, time is not.

Let's wrap our head around the importance of time.

It's very likely you have a job. 9-to-5 or not, I have no idea, but you probably have some sort of time-based commitment.

There's nothing wrong with a job, certainly not, especially in a world where money is required.

The real issue is that you don't have enough time. Because if you had more time, you could make more money. You could squeeze in an extra shift before rent is due.

You could work your job and your side hustle with ease.

Time as an asset is our friend and the eternal race against time is our enemy.

The secret of the wealthy is they have full control of their time AND they can buy other people's time.

They spend little time "working", and much time hiring, training and managing. Even managing is often hired for.

If you are reading this, it's likely you are not quite there yet.

But let me ask you some key questions...

What if you could flip the story around and become "wealthy" by next quarter? By wealthy I mean getting your time back. All of it.

What if you could instantly hire a fleet of workers for your own needs and business ventures. An ARMY of dedicated workers - would that be something that is useful to you? Wouldn't that make you feel and act more like a wealthy person?

Imagine having someone to promote for you.

Someone to sell for you.

Someone to deliver for you.

Wouldn't that be game-changing?

See what you need to understand is that in an internet-based world, we can hire BOTS, CODE, ALGORITHMS, CAMPAIGNERS, SALES MACHINES and AUTOMATED DELIVERY TEAMS - with ease. Ease!

These digital entities will work for you without fail and without reservation.

A new world is coming where humans do not "work" but rather they design the system for the machines to work within.

It's quite possible, you've never taken the time to process the above scenario and how it will play out for your life and your children's lives.

Let me unpack it for you.

Websites and funnels are your sales people. They work 24/7.

Content and social media are your promoters. They work 24/7.

Automated email systems and workflows (Zapier) are your delivery teams. 

They work twenty-four-seven.

No one ever gets sick. No one ever asks for vacation. No one ever wants a raise.

Do you see the power of this?

And do you see the danger of your own "job security"?

If you work off a checklist of any kind, you are replaceable - and it's only a matter of time.

We must become the owner of the system and leverage the power of machines and automation to regain our full-time back.

When you start to work with these digital tools and systems you start to live like the wealthy have lived for centuries. As an owner who uses leverage.

Have you ever imagined that you can deploy a fleet of workers at the click of a button. Well it's possible.

You MUST begin the transition to this new-world - dare I say it - order.

You cannot deny this reality any longer. You simply won't survive the chaos that shall ensue from this highly disruptive transition.

The world wants you to think you're safe - you're not. Far from it.

You are the vulnerable.

The poor are not vulnerable. The uneducated are not vulnerable. They have nothing to lose in this game.

But YOU the middle-class, YOU the "educated", YOU are in great danger of losing everything you have and begin forced down into the lower class.

I'm not trying to classist - only pragmatic and realistic.

Merely "working hard" is no longer viable, because there's probably someone willing to work harder - for less. The borders are open you know...

You must develop a new mind and a new set of skills and rise with the new class of digital developers.

How to beat the game.

Learning how to build a website is step one.

Once you know how to create a website, you can then make a funnel which is a fancy way of saying - automated customer making machine.

With your funnel you can move strangers through a web-based experience which gives them the option to buy something to improve their lives.

Without a funnel, and just a website, you are merely handing out brochures to random people.

The funnel initiates a buying opportunity in a very clear form. It starts a transactional relationship.

That's why most funnels begin with a lead magnet. A lead magnet asks someone to provide their info in exchange for a small good or offering. This is how we know people are interested. They become a prospect.

A funnel ultimately means a massive amounts of automation and scalability.

This is where your time comes back but in a new form.

Instead of having extra hours to work more....

You have extra work happening in each hour - without you being there. (Lightbulb)

This is the idea of making money while you sleep - and the key to becoming wealthy.

Until you have this, you have nothing but a job. And jobs are not for the wealthy.

"If you are busy working all day, there's no time to make money"

Now, a funnel alone is just a business in the middle of the desert. Useless, empty, and going bankrupt.

In the physical world we value location for our businesses.

In the online world, we value branding and traffic.

Branding helps us stand apart from the tens of 1000's of other businesses online.

And traffic is the flow of customers receiving your offers.

The more offers we make, the more money we make.

With a funnel and a flow of traffic, you will make hundreds, if not thousands of offers every single month.

Suddenly, time is not an issue.

Now, I've been teaching people these skills and this mindset for a long time.

I've built hundreds of websites, dozens of funnels and created thousands of pieces content. My destiny is to provide this info to others so they too may find the time freedom they deserve.

It doesn't come over night, but it certainly doesn't take 4 years and will be applicable immediately in every area of your life.

With these skills and mindset, you can stop job-hunting and start opportunity-hunting - and they are everywhere.

I've created 5 courses that covers the gamut of these skills and mindset:

  1. Full Stack Marketing Funnels (Sales)
  2. Full Stack Facebook Ads (Traffic)
  3. Full Stack Content Maximizer (Traffic)
  4. No-Code Web Developer (Websites)
  5. Digital Marketing Consulting Essentials (Serving others)

When you complete these 5 courses you will be a different person, completely transformed and prepared for the new-world-order.

You will be able to enter the UPPER class just as I have.

You will have 4-7 incomes sources just as I have.

You will have financial confidence to weather any storm that comes your way.

You can raise your family without losing sleep at night.

You can help your parents if they are caught up in this disruptive transition.

OR you can keep job-hunting.

You can keep hoping for a raise. You can hope for that vacation time. You can pray, you don't replaced by a few lines of computer code.

I will pray for you if that is your choice, but I won't pretend I haven't warned you.

Do the right thing. Get involved in our digital marketing and brand building community and invest 3 months of training inside of our academy. Finish the courses. Build your first website and your first funnel, and start learning how to drive traffic.

I urge you to Join the Rich+Niche Collective today. It's free to get started. You'll get 3 digital marketing and brand building classes for free.

And we have dozens of community members just like you ready to support your journey. We are going together!

If you are ready, go to:

Adios amigos.

May the algorithms be ever in your favor,

Rich Ux

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