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More Money, More Freedom in 3 Simple Steps

1. Join our Academy and Learn the High-Income Skill of Digital Marketing which unlocks multiple streams of income such as client services, personal brand building, eCommerce/drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, niche blogging, and more.

2. Enroll in our Freelance Marketer Lab and develop a remote service-based business and unlock the ability to promote Rich+Niche agency offers which offer massive 4-figure commissions right out of the gate.

3. Enroll in our Sales + Strategy Accelerator and learn how to offer high-ticket strategic consulting services to clients and even join the Rich+Niche consulting team where we provide you even more opportunities to earn a solid remote income.

I'm Rich Ux

In 2014, I started offering digital marketing services and strategic consulting to clients around the world. Along the way, I started a YouTube channel and quickly became the #1 authority on Digital Marketing Consulting by sharing my strategies, stories and experiences. Since then I’ve:

Helped 1000's of people learn digital marketing and start careers they love

Launched an integrated digital agency and consultancy

Built the world’s biggest private freelance digital marketing community & network

Built an authoritative personal brand across multiple channels

and more. Now our team helps people rapidly become digital marketing freelancers and consultants, live and work remotely, and develop high-income careers they love.

"Rich+Niche helped me increase my income by 400%"

Karter Maki

Paid Ad Specialist

Rich Ux at Rich+Niche has been amazingly helpful. He has guided me into a place where I feel confident in my abilities. Learning through him has truly changed the way I look at digital marketing. I'm going to try and continuously learn from him for as long as I can. He's an amazing mentor and is someone I look up to.

How Our Process Works:

We help aspiring digital marketers accelerate their career development whether they want to work in-house, become a freelancer or a consultant. You’ll quickly enter the career of your dreams and have more financial confidence than ever before in just three steps:


Advance your knowledge, skills and confidence quickly or at your own pace. Our materials are concise yet engaging. Apply what you learn and test your knowledge in our simulation exercises and exam scenarios.


Ensure your long-term success by enrolling in one of our lab cohorts and prepare for real-world client engagements. Lab graduates unlock the ability to make powerful offers in partnership with the Rich+Niche Digital Agency.


Our weekly live calls are filled with high-value conversations and community experiences. Continue to network and develop in a relaxed group atmosphere. Get all of your questions answers as your pursue the career of your dreams.

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Who We Serve

Aspiring Digital Marketers, Freelancers, Consultants & Agency Owners

9-5 Escapees

You currently work a job that pays the bills but you are looking to transition into a more satisfying, future-proof, and remote-capable career so you can not only enjoy your work but also design a life on your own terms.

Struggling Marketers

You are currently unhappy with your agency or in-house marketing job, or struggling to make freelancing work, you want to shore-up your skillset, but moreso, you want to enhance your confidence and offers so you can demand your true worth.

"Best Investment Ever."

Zoe Tabetha

Content Marketing Specialist

If you’re looking to fast-track your career, Rich’s courses are for you. Within three months of purchasing my first course I was able to transition into remote work and haven’t looked back since. Best investment ever!

What Makes Rich+Niche Different

Career-Driven Education

Everything we teach is aimed towards career preparation and development and has been tested in a real-world environment. No boring professors or irrelevant course materials.

Community Oriented

As soon as you join our programs you’ll be welcomed into our online community network, discord channel and Linkedin group where hundreds of digital marketers discuss industry and career challenges on a daily basis.

Integrated Career Paths

One of the most unique elements of our training programs is how we integrate students directly into our own business. Through well-placed internships and community consulting opportunities you’ll gain experience fast and build real-world confidence.

Remote Ideology

From day one, Rich+Niche has promoted a remote-work culture both in-house and for our graduates. Don’t settle for a lifestyle you can’t design, offer high-value services from the comfort of your own home or the remote-office of your choice.

How Rich+Niche Transforms Your Career path


No sense of direction for your career

Forced to go into a 9-5 culture you don’t like

Limited on earning potential

Single source of income

No tax advantages through entrepreneurship

No support on your goals and aspirations

After Rich+Niche:

Clear pathways to a long, successful career

Lifestyle design privileges through remote-work

No ceiling on your income

Multiple sources of income

Tax savings via business vehicles

Support on your biggest goals and aspirations

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more transformational results:

Successful Digital Marketer

"I was able to quit my corporate job after Rich+Niche helped me get my first 5 clients and develop 4 different income streams."

- Dean Velevski

Digital Marketer gets a great job after university

"In just 3 months, Rich+Niche helped me reach my goal of $1000/month online. After 10 months I landed a $60,000/year job right out of university."

- Chris Chan

A Digital Marketer takes our course and quadruples income

"I went from making $15/hour to $48,000/year after taking the Full Stack Digital Marketing Masterclass."

- Karter Maki

Digital Marketer grateful for what she learned

"In less than a year, I've learned to build websites and develop brands online. This just wouldn't be possible for me without Rich+Niche."

- Jessica Davis

Digital Marketer has great success

"After taking the Masterclass, I gained tons of confidence. Now I have a great job as a Communications Manager AND I build brands."

- Saransh Senpai