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Should I Go to University for Digital Marketing?

Should you go to University for Digital Marketing? This is a question worth exploring.

Should I go to college or university for digital marketing?

Digital marketing is still very cutting edge in terms of marketing on the whole.

And even within digital marketing are the cutting edge of the cutting edge.

It is very difficult for a university or a college to teach you this skill because by the time they put it in the curriculum it may be obsolete.

People need to realize that professors are not good at business and likely not good at marketing. If they were they probably wouldn't be teachers making a yearly salary instead of proving their professor level chops in the marketplace.

"You shouldn't go to university for digital marketing. Plain and simple." - Rich Ux, Founder of Rich+Niche

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What you should do instead of going to university for digital marketing

Digital marketing is more akin to a trade skill. You want to get your hands dirty.

Having hands-on experience is worth 10X as much as theoretical knowledge especially in the world of digital advertising where having real data to look at is crucial.

3 things I recommend to do instead of learning digital marketing in a post-secondary institution:

  1. Start a blog where you document your journey to be a digital marketer (play a superhero, who is still harnessing their superpower)
  2. Start a YouTube channel on something you are passionate about. Learn a little bit about video marketing and content creation.
  3. Learn to write copy by creating sales pages and other people's websites. This will really build the core skill of online writing for sales which is so so valuable even today.

These 3 things alone, if done for 12 months would put you ahead of 90% of marketers currently out there.

These activities are so high-impact when it comes to developing your understanding of the trade.

Why you still might opt to go to university for other reasons beyond digital marketing

Despite what I said above, if you can afford a university education you should probably take it and focus on having a well-rounded life experience.

Meet people and build your network.

Go on a few study dates.

Play beer pong and smoke fat joints.

Take tons of different types of classes to taste everything.

There are still lots of good reasons for you to go to university, but digital marketing simply isn't one of them.

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What major should I take if I want to work as a digital marketer

If you are hell-bent on going to uni then I recommend you focus on research and writing as core skills. Not marketing.

It's better to learn the basic output skills of the job rather than the out-dated ideologies the institutions might be spitting out.

How I can help you if you opt-out

Now a university cannot provide digital marketing education because of how slow it is to create a curriculum. but that doesn't mean you can't learn digital marketing anywhere.

In fact, with the right environment, you might be able to have tremendous growth in a very short time.

What you really would want is:

  1. Learning materials that teach you a process you can replicate.
  2. A community environment where you can chat and get to know other digital marketers
  3. Someone who is an expert who can answer your nuanced questions
  4. On-going training for the newest, latest, and greatest in digital marketing.

That's exactly what we provide at Rich+NIche. the #1 online academy where you can learn the remote-capable skill of a full stack digital marketer.

Through the use of online platforms like Kartra, Zoom & Mighty Networks, we've built one helluva digital marketing community.

Over 100 serious like-minded members. Plus our best-in-class online courses.

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I hate to toot my own horn here, but what universities are trying to charge for outdated digital marketing materials is a joke compared to what we've put together.

If you want to see more about what I'm talking about check out Full Stack Marketing Funnels which comes with a lifetime pass to our private forum the Rich+Niche Collective.

I don't mean to sell. But I want people to know they have much better option than sinking $30000 into a "marketing degree" when it might be completely worthless in terms of your ability to be a successful digital marketing and to build wealth.

I urge you to consider our courses and our community offerings if becoming a great digital marketing is one of your short-term goals.

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