The ONE thing you need to make this job a reality.

Do you want to know what it takes to succeed in this game? It's simple really. Just one thing.


Hey, what's up guys, Rich here from Lot of people have been leaving comments on my channel these days, asking me more about digital marketing freelancing and being a digital marketing consultant, these sorts of things. So today I'm going to tell you the be all end, all most important thing.

You need to be successful and get started with your digital marketing career. Let's get it.

Okay guys. So it's not a degree. You definitely don't need a degree. You don't need to go to university for digital marketing. I can absolutely assure you that. And therefore it's not a resume and you don't have to work for a digital marketing agency. You don't need a big network, especially on LinkedIn.

It's not any of those things. I didn't have any of those. When I get started in digital marketing, I had no education, digital marketing, I know network and digital marketing. I'd never worked at an agency here I am today. Making a really nice living, having the life. I want digital marketing on a daily basis, consulting strategy, implementation, working on awesome projects.

And yeah, I'm going to tell you what the one thing is though, that you need, if you really want to have a career in digital marketing, the only thing you need is this. Results, not a work history. I'm talking about results, the cause and effect of your campaigns. How did you influence the business results?

How did you change the brand? Because let me tell you something. Digital marketers are not artists. Freelance, digital marketers are not designers. Developers are videographers. Now the good ones, they can do that, but at the heart of it, digital marketing is one of the more business folks. A services, business results, focused services, accounting, legal design, not like that.

They don't really care how the business does. They just react. You will define the outcomes with the campaigns you designs for the businesses you worked for. Right. I can tell you right now, if you can't get results for a business, you have no business going into this world. Like, yes, you need to get started and I'm going to address that.

But if you actually can't get result and you don't know if you can get results, you shouldn't be doing. Right. That's how I see it. Um, if you can't show your clients clearly what you're going to do and how it's going to affect their business, they're not going to last with you. You're not going to make any money from them.

And they're not going to give you any word of mouth. Like what you'd rather do is work for cheaper. Impress them, stay on with them longer and then get more word of mouth clients from them. Right. So don't offer digital marketing services that you can't get results in. Okay. But here's what you do. Do you get results?

Own projects, nothing is stopping you from setting up a website, a blog, a channel, a profile, an asset, an e-commerce shop. Nothing is stopping you from that. And that's what I did. I started creating websites that would, uh, gather traffic, collect emails, and sell a very simple product. And once I could do that, I knew I could repeat it.

I knew I could generate the traffic without ad spend. I knew I could get ranked with SEO. I knew it could get share-ability with my content. I knew I could get repeat readers and be. And ultimately through email, through social, through great content, they would convert and become a customer. And so I felt really confident giving that to my clients.

And I always just gave them everything. I knew I wouldn't hold back. And over the years I've learned so much more at the great thing about being a digital marketer. Okay. You get to work on projects that you would never get to work on if you had a job or if you had your own business, digital marketing is so unique.

The sense that you get access to business financials, advertising reports. Like I can tell you the price of so many different ads because I've seen them and I wouldn't have seen them without this job. Right. So I created a bunch of different websites and, uh, you know, I also did a lot of free work for people in the beginning.

I wasn't afraid to do free work because I knew that that was going to help me get that portfolio, get word of mouth. So I used to make websites for like $500. But they weren't that good. They were good enough and certain clients, it appealed to them. Um, but as I learned more and more about what a good website takes, I realized, wow, you can actually do it for that cheap.

It requires a lot more steps in time. Eventually I was charging 1200 and then 3,500 and now, you know, 5,000 plus for a website, user experience. And. But what I offered today is nothing, uh, like what I offered back then. So, you know, you really shouldn't ask me about my pricing. You should go figure out what works for you, what you enjoy.

Don't worry, what other people are pricing. A lot of people have told me, you know, you priced too little. Yeah. But I plan on being. The client's partner for five to 10 years. So if I have to charge a little bit at the beginning, I can save a lot more on the back. I'm trying to get new clients because I overcharged.

So don't listen to what other people charge. It all depends on you. What makes you happy? What happened to me is that eventually I was too busy at the price I was charging and I had to raise the price and say no to people who wanted the lower price. Ultimately the price reflect my experience. You know, that's kind of how I got into this business.

Um, but what I realized like through web development is that I wasn't just like a designer. I was actually good at creating funnels. I was good at creating systems that generate leads and sales and conversions. So I realized, Hey, I'm actually doing something different than I'm not doing just web design.

I'm helping people optimize their user experience, uh, that people go through, whether that's on a desktop or on a mobile, doesn't really matter. I was helping them. And so I think I went from website developer to digital marketer because I want it to be bigger. And, you know, the only way to show clients that my website is not, uh, it's not the website making money.

It's the funnel that I'm building. Right. And the whole full stack e-commerce or lead generation experience. So I guess that would makes me think. You know, maybe you want to combine digital marketing with something else you're doing creatively, um, analytically, a research strategy, combined, some Facebook campaigns, combined, some campaign development with that, you know, digital marketing, social, vast, such a wide industry, lot of different areas to attack.

So just to summarize, you know, Two ways to get started. One, I did my own projects. Your own projects can be the results I was talking about. You don't have to get results for another business. You can just show, I was just showing clients my blog. I would show them the analytics, the email list and the sales, and just say, Hey look this word.

It's not the be all end all, but I can create something similar for you. You know, in my twenties, I didn't have all these products to sell. I didn't have money to invest in Amazon products. And you know, that doesn't really interest me. So digital products was the way I went and I focused on rankings, traffic conversions.

I got good at funnels. And I found a relevant service web development, and I combined digital marketing with it. So all my clients almost always have me design their website. And then I do the digital marketing for them. It's kind of like a three stage approach, strategy, funnel, campaigns, and traffic. So I hope this gives you guys a little bit of an understanding.

Um, Sort of how to get started in digital marketing. And, uh, I just want to remind you that the best digital marketers in the world are going to be somewhat creative or they're going to be good at some sort of medium, maybe copywriting pictures, videos. I'm not sure, but just remember this. A digital marketing campaign requires many moving parts.

There's the content. There's the placement in the center. There's a landing page development. If that's part of the experience, there's the reporting. So there's a lot of different aspects of digital marketing that you can come into. Okay. Um, I think a lot of my digital marketing partners, they're all graphic designers.

You know, they, they come from graphic design and they realize it's hard to get long-term clients, but if you can turn graph, design into ad design, and then you're a digital marketer, right. So I really believe all the best digital marketers are self. No, they're just more passionate about the industry than others.

So they move fast. They learn faster, they read and consume a lot. I believe your fastest route to having a digital marketing related career is to reach out to five to 10 businesses in your area and ask, are they currently interested in doing a test campaign where you could show them the results you could achieve with Facebook or Instagram marketing?

No, one's going to come find you and say, Hey, could you please do my marketing? But I bet. One of those business owners is losing sleep or the fact that they're missing out on digital marketing. And if you can even show them a little bit of results, then you can consider yourself a bonified digital marketer.

You can then take those results and show other businesses what you did. Doesn't that sound. This is the path I took. I asked people who had businesses, who clearly weren't doing digital. If they wanted some help, this starts a conversation. Like what are they struggling with? What are their pain points and challenges with digital marketing?

You listen, you decide. If you think you can help you help now, you can't help everyone. And you shouldn't try. But at first. Take what you can get and call it your tuition fee. I probably paid 25,000, my first two to three years into tuition fees, but it got me here. Okay. Guys, pay that tuition, learn from other people's businesses, not on your own, but also start your own free projects.

They're very available to us. You can get a website, a blog profiles, Instagram and YouTube channel. All these things are barely any cost to get started. If you have a smartphone. You're well on your way to being available to this career. And I think the question is, is how bad you want to be a, become a digital marketer, because if you do, at the very least, I would be doing some secret projects that I don't tell anyone about just to see, to prove to myself, do I like digital marketing?

Do I understand how to get traffic with content? Do I understand how to convert those traffic into email lists and customer. If you don't, if you don't know anything about that, well, you should be subscribed to this channel. I'm going to be revealing a lot more digital marketing tips, tricks, secrets down the line.

I'm going to give you all the philosophy you need. Also go to Richard I think I have an email sign up right now. I'm working on a digital marketing course. I see a lot of people need the help. I'm going to be there for you. I'm very different from many other creators, many other marketers.

You won't see me saying the same things as them. I don't have a lot of. But I do have a lot of straightforward best practices, good quality strategies that you could sell to your clients. And I'm going to teach you how to do that along the way. So leave a comment below if you have a question, because I do use the comments as a question source, and if you want to be a digital marketer, say so down in the comments, because I'm always looking to partner up with new digital marketers, find out where they are.

I see if we can, you know, do some work together. I'm going to tell you a big, big, big, big secret about digital marketing. It's a relationship accelerator. It helps you build a lot of relationships with business owners, entrepreneurs, content, creators, marketers, writers, uh, I'm building a very fast network.

I'm very surprised. And it's all from digital marketing. It's from being passionate about digital marketing. It's passionate about building brands. Um, if this sounds like you, then you're on the right track because this is what I'm doing every day. I don't think about anything else. Just digital marketing, building brands, those two things, learning how to hat, culture and growing assets.

So you don't have to work your whole life. This is all about freedom guys. All right. Have a great day. Go get started on your campaigns. Go reach out to five to 10 businesses and just say, Hey, you need any help with your digital marketing? What are you doing? Would you like me to help you set up a campaign?

Would you like me to help you write some articles? Would you like me to help you with one or two videos? Like you gotta pay your tuition. All right, guys. Good luck with it. See you. Next video. .

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