7 Smart Reasons for Choosing Digital Marketing as a Career

It's time you understand why this career really is that good.

I'd imagine if you're watching this video, you want to know why you should become a digital marketer and you probably want to hear from someone who's been. Well, my name is rich from richandniche.com. And I've been a digital marketer for a long time. I mean, digital marketing has evolved, but I've been creating content, designing websites, running traffic for years.

So I'm going to share with you a couple of the more obvious. And then I'm going to share with you three really surprising benefits. And I think those are some of the ones I've learned as I've gotten more experience. I think those are the ones you really want to know. Of course you might want to be a digital nomad.

Of course you want to have a good salary. Forget about those for a second. I'm going to convince you in this video, the real reason why you should become a digital marketer.

Hey, Alexa, how much money does a digital marketer make?

I'm not sure. Surprising. Listen guys. Here's the obvious reasons to become a digital. One, it is a remote capable job. You can do the whole job from a laptop and rarely do you need to be in person. It has a good salary potential. I mean, you can easily charge one to $500 an hour. Based on your experience. I charged $75 a long time ago with.

Tracking time. People didn't care about exactly deliverables each month. When I started out, I just charged $75 an hour and people were cool with that. So I think if anyone makes $75 an hour, they should consider that pretty good. Right. There's lots of people out there making less than $25 an hour. So that's just the beginning, right?

That's just like consulting and that's just like little implementation when you get bigger. When you go out on your own, when you get some real experience and then you can do 5, 10, 20, $100,000 contract. Commissions. It's nice that digital marketing often has some bonuses involved. You can get paid if you perform above average.

That's great. Right. And I think one of the greatest things about being a digital marketer is that you get to connect with a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs. You know, forward-thinkers startups. This is a great place to be in. These are the people you want to be connected to, right? You don't want to be connected to, you know, Sally, who's sad and always bringing people down and doesn't believe anyone should do anything, but you know, middle of the road, nine to five, nothing wrong, nine to five, but Sally doesn't want you to step outside of the box.

Sally doesn't want to take a chance, but here are the surprising ones that I've experienced. And the ones that you might be really excited about. Number one, this is a very tax friendly job career setup. You can work from home so you can get a home office right off. You can write off a lot of your equipment with camera gear.

Of course, that might be over a period of time, but still writing it off. Um, there are lots of expenses that are write-offs that you may be able to take advantage of. Um, you know, obviously I purchased software to use for my clients, but I can obviously use that for every project, which may include things I'm not getting paid for, so I can help people get access to software.

So that's useful. Um, so yeah, just a lot of great benefits through tax. I think the second one is you never get bored. Like there is always something different to do. There's always something new to learn. I think a lot of jobs you get really bored and it gets really stale and you constantly feel like you need to quit or do something, or, you know, it doesn't feel too in alignment with digital marketing.

It's a bit of turnover, but even if you don't turn over, so keep the same client. They're going to have new things for you to work on. If you're doing a good job, like you should be doing bigger and bigger things with each client. I mean, that's what I've observed. And finally, one of the best things I'd say that people don't realize is it has a lot of lawyer like payment benefits, which is rare, right?

You could build per 10 minutes. You could bill per six minutes, you could build per hour. And those rates are going to be relatively high. Typically you can demand payment upfront. Um, You know, that's not always that common. A lot of people would want to pay after, but I always ask for payment upfront to get the project started and retainers, right?

A lot of companies want to keep you on retainer month after month because they want to rely on you. They want to know that you're going to show up and they want to know that you're going to focus on getting them results. So they're willing to pay a committed amount each month. And I think that's proper.

I think you need to do that. So. Yeah, those are some of the surprising benefits. So let's recap everything here real quick, remote capable, high income, potential commissions, meet a lot of good entrepreneurs. Those are the obvious ones. The three surprising ones is you don't get bored. Very tax friends.

Lawyer like payment benefits without the lawyer, like attitudes problems, right? You people go to lawyers when they're in trouble. When they, when they are stuck in a bad spot, no one loves lawyers. People go to digital marketers when they're starting on a new venture, when they want to make money, when they're ready to go.

So you are. For those who you don't know, I graduated law school and instead of going to become a lawyer, I became a digital marketer. Why? I think there's 10 times more potential being a marketer than being a lawyer. Even you become a partner that salary isn't what a marketer can truly achieve. Not what a product designer can truly achieve.

Let's add on another bonus one, if you become a great digital marketer as a career, In five to 10 years, you will then be a great business owner or at least close to one. Maybe you won't have managerial skills, but you will understand product awareness solutions. Some of the very common concepts in business that if you can master it, observe other people doing it, you can learn using other people's money.

OPM how's that? How good is that? I mean, let's take a look at this career and be fucking honest. What other careers can even come close to this guys? Do I look like someone who didn't go and check out? What are the different possibilities you don't think? I didn't think about becoming an investment banker realized didn't want to do that.

Don't want to get myself all mixed up in the banking world. Maybe it's a bitter speaker salary or what costs, why didn't I go through with legal? I went to law school. Graduated did a good job. I didn't go there. You know, had a science degree, went to a great university, studied biochemistry. You knows, you know, they get me, they feel me.

I hear you. Anyways, guys, digital marketing is the shit. It's the unlock to life. That's my belief. You don't want to believe that that's up to you, but I haven't had a boss eight years. True partners and clients now, which I have to be responsible for, but no one's telling me what time to wake up. No, one's telling me what my salary cap is.

We've got some construction going on outside, so I'm going to cut this video. I hope we got real today, guys. I hope if you're going to become a digital marketing, you know how awesome it is and it really motivates you to go earn. Because it's not easy. It's not a job. You just go to get a degree and you're ready to go.

You need to practice. You need experience. You need to learn how to talk to clients. Face to face, takes time, stick with it. It's going to pay off. See you guys in the next video. If you like this, thumbs up, leave a comment. If you have a question. I have a good one. .

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