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As we head into 2022, there are a few digital marketing tools that you need to be using if you want to stay ahead of the curve. In this video, I'll share with you seven essential tools that you need to be using for your business. Try these tools! Notion - Productivity - $5/month GoHighLevel - Powerful CRM & Automation Tool - $99/month Free 30-day trial PopupSmart - Popups Email Capture $24/mo Zapier - Automation $49/mo Canva - Graphic Design $13/mo Free Pro Trial HotJar - Heatmaps and Screen Recording Tracking (Free) Jasper - AI Copywriter $29/mo 10000 words for free

Today I'm going to show you seven tools that I love that I believe are huge return on investment. I'm going to break down how I use them day to day, how you might use them. And we'll talk about how much they cost as well. So, let's dive right in.

1. Best Productivity

All right. The first tool we're going to look at is notion dots. So, one workspace for every team, this tool in the last couple of years has completely changed my life. It is so powerful. That you can completely radically change how you operate a business, how you organize a business, how you create content, how you manage productivity.

It's really an insane tool. Let me show you some of the pages I've built. For instance, when I make YouTube content here is my content dashboard and it's so dynamic. Like here I've entered a link to my Google drive.

Then you can see a database I'm working on this video right now. But what's really cool is when I want to create a new video, I just go up here to my content template and basically an entire template will be created for me.

I've created this one time. It has all the things I need to complete on the left side. It has a checklist on the right side. It's so easy to share this with teammates and get people to help you work on different checklists. But this is just one simple application of how you might. Create different files.

I've got, big global databases of different elements here. You might have something like this, like a sales Bible where you're contained, different elements such as pricing scripts, workflows. These are screenshots or embedded files from other tools as well. You can really do a lot here.

Let's see if there's one more thing, I could potentially show you. Let's just go into my. Product management software that I designed in notion. So not only do I have this beautiful, like landing page where people can watch embedded videos as like a mini course, you can go into the system itself.

Everything is duplicatable. You could just instantly duplicate this file. I created this client CRM area, where you can go in and create a new client file. And in a matter of seconds, it's basically going to repopulate or recreate hundreds of individual files. And I'm just going to jump into one right now.

So, I don't have to wait for it. It takes a while because there's so many files being created. This is all an individual entry in a database. I'm able to create all these templates with a single click. Of course, you build it once and you can use it twice thrice, many times over, and it really speeds up how you might interact with a client, right?

If I get a new client, I'm going to duplicate this board, I'm going to be able to host my discovery calls. I'm going to be able to create avatars, go through core brand messaging, complete a funnel audit and just take notes. Embed videos along the way, and then even share this with my clients.

So, I think this tool is so vast, so powerful, and it's so crazy that it only costs like what $5 a month. I think it is. Let's just take a look at the pricing. $4 annually, $5 a month for personal pro that's all you need. Unlimited file uploads. You don't need anything else in that. Get on notions. Go to my YouTube channel.

I've got some notions tutorial. This is the tool that can most radically change how you operate your business in life for an amazing price point.

2. Best CRM

Next tool I want to talk about is go high level. There are three tiers for go high level. I'm just going to be talking about the basic tier. Which gives you access to this dashboard here?

This is the $99 a month. Single use plan, right? If you want to sell, go high-level to other people, you can get the $500 a month and that's very powerful, but I'm not going to be covering that today. Go high level is really the industry standard. Now for CRMs, for marketers, basically, they have a very powerful CRM system.

You can have this sort of con bond layout where you can easily move people and adjust them. Everything is fully automated. They have workflows that you can build out. Let's see if I can peek at a few here, easy to create things like email sequences, SMS sequences, call confirmation sequences, easy to do conditional sort of automation here, but it goes on and on.

You can send emails from go high level. That's powerful as well. It's got great calendars that are easy to build and organized. You can do this with teams. It's a contact database, but even more like you can build funnels, websites and membership sites with go high-level. It's really an incredible all-in-one tool.

It has some powerful features like adding a chat widget to your website. That's nice. Basically, it gives marketers everything they need to be extremely successful in the digital marketing world, not just with sort of these pipelines and client management, money management, analytics, but, email.

Lynx form surveys. It's really an all-in-one tool. Let's see if we can take a quick look at their homepage, see what's going on here. We help agencies and marketers thrive with our all-in-one sales and marketing platform. It really is all in one. And I've spent a lot of time looking at go high level and it's not really perfect in any one area per se.

There might be elements that are. Better with other software, but you're not going to find an all-in-one system like this. And I think it's really powerful. I think it's worth a 14-day trial. I think if you use our link below you get a 30-day trial, do that, see if you like it, you might feel overwhelmed.

You really have to have sort of an existing business. That you want to apply to go high level, but really, it's a powerhouse and I didn't want to leave it off the list, but it's probably not for everybody watching this video. Okay.

3. Best Pop-up

The next one I want to go over is pop-up smart. I think it's worth a share.

I've been enjoying it. I think it's value-driven. I think people need to realize that pop-ups can be very effective when used properly. And I just like how pop-up smart, our popup It really is a flexible solution that allows you to do a lot of different things in different situations, including cookie laws, things like that.

They have a lot of variations with their, pop-ups just showing you my dashboard here that I'm using this, like I'm getting an 11% conversion rate on this one. I'm getting a 12% conversion rate on this. Pop-up That's a pretty good conversion rate for a pop-up. So, when you use it properly, I think that it can be easily worth it.

One of the things I like is just the ability. Let me see if I can go in and just edit one really quickly or at least show you inside. So, let's go into the settings here. A lot of variability for targeting. So based on schedules, you can show a pop up at a certain time based on audience. I think this is really popular.

So based on their operating system, new or returning users, Traffic source. I really liked the geo located capabilities. I'm running a pop-up for people from emerging countries for a international discount offer. You can get behavior-based pop-ups. They stay for 30 seconds. They scroll down to 80% of the page.

And of course, exit intent. I think exit intent is still really powerful. You utilizing it to make that last ditch offer to try and capture a lead. So really a powerful option here. They have both mobile and desktop. Variations. I think it's important to customize your popups for that. So that's all I want to say about pop-ups smart.

I do like it. Let's see if we can look at their pricing $24 a month annually, or I believe 29 a month monthly, if you can even capture five leads, I think that's going to pay off. Hopefully you're capturing more than that, but for something that directly helps you capture leads, I think that this is a fair price.

So, check out pop-up smart. That is an interesting tool that I've been using recently on rich and niche. And I'm pretty happy with the results.

4. Best Automation

Next one is going to be Zapier. I'm sure many of you knows Zapier. But it is still the most amazing tool for marketers. It is basically the pipes of your business.

It connects anything you want. It helps you do things like taking those leads from pop-ups smart or taking your leads from web flow, putting them into your CRM, go high level. Like Kartra. And just making sure that you're getting extra value out of everything that's out there.

It can do even powerful things like creating custom audiences and Facebook.

It can even send emails for you. And another thing is it can send emails to you. So I think it's really powerful that sometimes when a task.

Triggers in your business, you might want to send an email to you or your teammate in order to. Remind yourself of something you could even set up monthly reminders to email your staff.

Don't forget to do this on this date, for 19 bucks a month, or that's annually, I guess it's 29 a month for a monthly fee. It's really worth it. Absolutely. I'm even on the professional. And I think as you get using Zapier more and more, you realize how powerful it is. You're not going to quit using it.

It's a high ROI tool. It is something that I don't think marketers can really live without at the higher level. Looks like it's a pretty good discount on the annual here, 49 a month versus 73 a. So, you might want to consider annual pricing for Zapier once you're using it. You're really not going to stop using it because you are going to use it to build in critical automations in your business.

You probably not going to want to get rid of those. I am using it with several different zaps. I've got contents apps, legions. Pipelines apps sales, data tracking, and I can I track it in air table so we can just take a look at some of my zaps. Let's just look at this one here for pop-up smart.

When I collect a lead in pop-ups smart the pop-up tool, I was just showing you, it's going to go ahead and create a new lead in Kartra, which is where I store all of my data for rich and niche. It's going to subscribe them to a list. Add a tag. So, it's going to really make sure that people are properly set up in the database system.

Here's a really basic one here. When I create a new YouTube video. Put out a tweet, create a tweet in Twitter that gives the link of the video that gives the title and even pulls the thumbnail image for that video. And then further send a message in my discord community. Let everyone know that there's a new video out.

So, you're just saving hours and hours of time. By building out proper zaps. And so, the way I operate is do something manually for maybe a week or a month. And if I think I'm going to keep doing it, build this app for it, it's almost endless the zaps you can create.

So, here's like another one I use type form, not on today's list, but probably shouldn't be.

People fill out a survey and type form, add a database item in notion. So, storing that information in notion really able to access client information, but then putting high, dynamic note taking and templates within that. Persons database.

So, let's say you capture a new lead in type form, create a new database item and notion, which will automatically allow us to add a template to that person's specific entry.

Then we can have a sales template or a note taking template. Prepared for us. So, it's a little different than say using a strict CRM, go high level where, you just have contact data, maybe phone number, that kind of information. If we want to have a dynamic interaction with someone building your CRM in notion at the same time is very powerful.

So here someone's joining a survey. They're joining the database item and notion, then they're being added to GHL go high level. That's what lead connector is.

And then they're also being tagged in Kartra. So, taking advantage of multiple CRMs through Zapier, very powerful. Time saving ability. All right.

5. Best Design

Next tool is It's crazy how often I still use Canva. I remember years ago when it was a dollar, an image for stock images, I've been using it for years. It's just such a powerhouse. When it comes to basic design allows you to do so much from product images. Mock-ups Facebook ads.

Just different little things, even creating basic little logos, social media, content stories, I'm using Canva for so much.

It's got a great price point. You get the pro plan. I think we see prices here a one 19 a year or a switch over to monthly 13 bucks a month. A hundred plus million premium stock photos, 600,000 templates ability to apply your brand's logos.

Let's just go over it to my Canva account. And you're just going to see like the zillions of works I've created over here.

All sorts of different elements just constantly jumping into Canva, using it for so many different things. Me.

Reels product pages, PDFs, logos, product limit logos photos. It just goes on and on and it's just so easy to create little templates. Like here's one I'm just working on recently for my Instagram stories.

We can go on over there. I can quickly edit the original template and make modifications, go over to share and grab the template link. And then anyone can use this template with ease. That's so powerful.

You've got your brand information. You've got logos here. You're going to have your core brand fonts built in styles.

You're going to have your color palettes here and your fonts, a lot of power for $13 a month. Absolutely need to put canvas on this list. Love it. Love it. Love it. All right.

6. Best Optimization

Next one is hot jar. Hotjar is just a great tool for getting insights, especially for your squeeze pages, because those are shorter pages.

It's more effective. I feel to look at something like a heat map pricing for Hotjar is amazing.

Free, if you have a very kind of low traffic site, which most companies don't have a lot of traffic, so you can, get the usage out of this for free. If you've got high traffic, you're looking at 31 a month.

So Hotjar is basically the ability to see what people are doing on your side. Here looks like I have 875 sessions.

Here's the top pages, my masterclass page. If I want, I can go see the heat map there. It's going to dynamically create that heat map for the last 30 days. It looks like it has to process a little bit don't necessarily want to wait here for this.

But let's see here back to the dashboard. If we can, I can play recordings from someone's actions.

So, this is going to show me exactly what they've been doing on my site. Where do they go? What do they read? What did they click? That is invaluable information. It looks like they stopped at this little info graph here because it's really easy to read.

So that's just like very powerful, especially when you consider it can be for free. I would love to get some heat maps going here.

I haven't looked at them for a while and I believe they now dynamically create them instead of storing them just so they can keep the data bandwidth down for each user, but here we go.

I can see like where people are primarily clicking on my header. I can see when they're clicking the primary button and I can go down a little bit and see what else they're doing, where they are spending time and paying attention. So, I again, find this is very valuable to things like let's see if I can go here.

Things like squeeze pages, because there's only so much people can do. You can really design the page, such that they are able to here's a good example.

In this case, I see a huge amount of clicks up here. It makes me concerned that maybe they think these are buttons or something like that. And I really want them to focus down here, this is not too bad.

I think that. This is not a bad heat map, but it is a bit concerning. It's 17 clicks came up here and this isn't even a button.

So maybe I should consider, not making this look like such a button, you can flip over to mobile, see what are people doing in the mobile map. But I think you get the idea and the fact that I showed you that this is potentially free for your site.

Again here, just seeing some taps here, it might just be a natural place to place your finger as you scroll. I've been using these little custom, dots here for bullets. Maybe that's not the best idea. All right.

7. Best AI

Let's go into the final tool and that's going to be

It's the. AI copywriting tool. And it's not just for like classic copywriting. It's so powerful for just doing little tasks that really can be done by AI now. And I'll reveal one of the things I've been using them for. Let's go over into Here's how the dashboard looks. Basically, you can let's see view the usage.

You can see how many words you are creating, but really what's powerful is all of these templates. There's just so many things. And one of my favorite things to use is the YouTube templates.

So, let's say I needed help creating a title like this one. And what is this video about? Let's call it, digital marketing tools and that's the keyword we want to rank for.

And let's say we want a serious tone and we'll say, Three outputs. We click generate AI content and it's going to help us craft some powerful titles for YouTube. Let's just take a look at this one here, a comprehensive list of digital marketing tools, the best digital marketing tools for small businesses.

The top five digital marketing tools. Every marketer needs. That's a great title. I'm just going to copy this for a moment here. I'm going to come back out to the templates page and let's go to another YouTube one. Let's go to a YouTube description.

So now, if I know my title is top five digital marketing tools, every marketer needs, I want to rank for digital marketing tools.

Now let's create a YouTube description. Great three different variations. Digital marketing is a complex field and it's constantly evolving. That's why you need the right tools to stay ahead of the curve. In this video, I share my top five digital marketing tools that everyone needs. So, you can go ahead.

Copy. Put it back into like your notion database, like I'm working on right here for this video. I keep this open and I can just paste it right here into the description, but I've already done this. I've already got one. I help.

I use Jasper AI to help me write this title. To help me write this description to help me write the hook and intro that you heard from this video.

So, it's just very powerful here. I am back in notion building the video that you're watching at this very second, I've outlined the tools I wanted to talk about. And after I finished recording this, I'm going to start working on my checklist and I'm going to start editing this video. And this is where I pass it on to my editor.

And they're responsible for the rest of the checks. So guys that is the end of the video. Oh, I should tell you, Jasper AI is there's two main plans. I think I wrote it down right here. Yeah. It's $29 a month for the basic. And it's 59 for the boss mode. I don't think most of you need boss mode, but I actually do use boss mode.

I think I actually could downgrade. I don't think I'm getting the full value there. And for all the tools I listed today, the seven.

They cost $219 a month. Now my primary product offering at is about $500. So, if I even get one sale, these tools are going to pay for themselves. So, I think they're all very high ROI tools.

Now that's not the whole tool set I use. I actually spend about a thousand dollars a month all in on SaaS tools. Didn't go over them all today, but these are the seven that I want you to know about that. I think you should absolutely use. I've linked them all below.

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