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7 Digital Marketing Services You Can Do Remotely

Rich Ux talks about 7 digital marketing services that you can do remotely. These services absolutely worked for him to achieve the remote lifestyle. You can do the same and achieve the laptop lifestyle.

These are the 7 digital marketing services you can do remotely, if you want to travel, or if you want to work on the go. The digital nomad stuff. These are the ones I recommend.

I want to talk to you today about a few digital marketing services you can sell if you're in that freelancer space, if you're looking for a side hustle, if you think you might want to become a consultant.

So let me go through the seven services that have been pretty profitable for me. Some to more degree than others, but I'll kind of go through each of them.


1: Page Development.

This is the first one from the 7 digital marketing services you can do remotely.

This is still a core practice of digital marketers because we're always creating those pages that are trying to generate traffic through blogging articles, value-driven pages to landing pages, which are coming from things like Facebook ads, or maybe like a YouTube video or an Instagram bio link.

Page development and engineering is still a really powerful skill.

So, if I was you, I would be offering three types of websites or funnel design service.


First: Single Page Landers

If you want to focus on this only, you could do single page landers. Price ranging between $300 all the way up to $1000 dollars depending on what level of copywriting you'd be responsible for.


Second: Traditional Info Websites

You could also do full blown websites. Which means like 10 to 20 pages viz. About page, Services page, Contact page, etc.

The client doesn’t want to create that much transaction on their website. So, they need more of an informational website.

This service can cost between $3000 to $5,000 because that's quite a big job. That's a lot of pages.

I would recommend you tell your client; they have to write their own copy and that you'll just build the framework on WordPress or any other CMS that you’d prefer.

When you are content focused, stay with WordPress, all my clients that I've built websites for on WordPress, they always rank way higher, a lot of number one rankings in Google.


Third: Marketing Funnels

Now this is different. It's funny, because, a funnel might actually take you less time to build than like a full blown, informational website, but it's actually worth more because a funnel is designed to make someone money.

That is the only reason you create a funnel, which is to make money. We've transitioned in the world, which is more into funnel-based marketing.

That's where you're going to make probably between $5000 and $10,000, because you're going to need a powerful strategy.

You're going to need a full stack mindset in Digital Marketing. You've got to generate some leads, some content, some copy, sales page, sales video, maybe create some ads, maybe a lead magnet.

Finding the right lead magnet is worth so much money. When you can find that little piece of information that your client's target audience really goes wild for, you know, you really have something.

And I think that's one of the biggest skills as a digital marketer.


2: Social Media Management.

The next thing you could offer remotely is social media management.

I think that's pretty obvious. You don't need to be with your client. You need to have access to all the media.

You have to have access to all the pictures, or you could be creating the pictures remotely.

Like maybe if you live in Bali or Mexico or Costa Rica or Hawaii, or you're traveling to these beautiful places, wouldn't it be cool to bring some of your client's products with you and shoot them there and give them some of that media.

All of my social media managers are remote.

I know it can be done. It's not always the highest level, but when a company wants to outsource their social media, they are accepting the fact that the quality will be slightly reduced, but the cost of human resources will be also reduced.

It'd be much cheaper to outsource social media than having a full-time person inside. So that's number two. I'm not going to say too much about social media management.

I think, you know what that means. It means like posting and writing caption, then maybe you don't even do the captions. Maybe you just post schedule and engage.

There are so many ways to do it, but there's definitely remote capability with that stuff.

Maybe you get paid two grand from three different clients. That's your life right now, you're off in Thailand, managing three accounts for some e-commerce brands. I could totally see that being possible, being remote.


3: Strategic Consulting.

Third thing I would definitely be offering is strategic consulting. You can consult from someone on the phone anywhere; I've been doing it for years.

People have called me in Thailand, called me in Bali. They want to talk about their business.

No problem. It can be done. The problem is time zones. I think it's kind of hard in some of the Southeast Asia countries to do that because you are in quite a different time zone.

So, you got to learn how to manage that, but I'll tell you there's really three ways you can give good consulting.


As a digital marketer Tier one is Branding.

We should ask questions like: Is the brand strategy appropriate for the landscape that they are in?

Do they have a realistic long-term plan that has a brand strategy that is actually going to reach people? Like, do you have that global or national, or even local plan to roll out and get connected with your audience?

Like, that's a very high-level thing. Most of you won't be doing that, but some of you might be. Maybe, most of you can do the next one, which is-


Tier two is Digital Eco-System.

Let's talk about your funnel. Your actual user experience online. People need a lot of advice on these.

Like how do I build a funnel? What should I say on my sales page? What goes where? People don't know where to put testimonials, people don't know lots of things.


Tier three is Content.

And the third tier of strategic consulting would be content consulting. Like what content? Well, like, is it videos on YouTube? Is it podcast in iTunes? SoundCloud? Is it images on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook? Is it blog posts? Is it everything?

Is it every channel? Is it omnipresent? We got to figure that out. And what's going to determine that? I know there's lots of factors that go into a content consultation and you want to be awesome at helping your clients.

What do you want to do to amplify your media? Your advertising spend can be $500 or $5,000 or $50,000. With $500 you can't do much. You should be on one platform. With $50,000; well, now, you're talking about an army.


4: Article Writing for SEO.

Like I still can whip up awesome articles that are worth hundreds of dollars that take maybe two, three hours and you can rank them. You can get a lot of traffic.

It's not the easiest thing. But, I always say once you know how to do that, you become very, very potent once you know how to get into the Google algorithm, the world's biggest website, the most used search engine, you have a superpower.

And I think that learning how to write articles for SEO, very, very potent, very powerful and easy to do from the beach, from the pool, from your hut. Your Airstream.


5: Newsletter Publishing.

It's an extension of article writing because once you create text content, you might want to put it out through an email newsletter.

Managing someone's newsletter, managing their email campaigns, that's totally remote. Right? They give you a framework. Maybe you do the copy. Maybe they do.

Maybe you just schedule, manage, upload and output. But newsletters are a valuable thing to be putting out.

I mean, people don't realize that they have all this content, they should be putting that out in their email list, either in an automated sequence or just as a regular basis.

Like whatever you created last month should be coming out in the next month in a newsletter.

Or even sooner, because let's say you put out a YouTube video, it's great to put a newsletter about your YouTube video because you get more views in the first 24 hours, which tells the algorithm. This is a good video.

Lots of people are checking it out, right?


6: Facebook Ad Campaign Design.

You can definitely do this through zoom, helping people design a campaign and being like, okay, at the top of the funnel in the awareness section, you're needing this kind of content don't sell here.

Let's make the brand very subtle, but noticeable, memorable. Let's be funny. Let's be a little bit wider.

And then in the middle of the funnel, you know, let's create something that speaks a little bit to maybe an offer, a low-ticket offer, a one-time offer, a special coupon or sale.

Let's get them in, let's get them buying something and then let's retarget them.

And that is like what campaign design looks like. That whole process of like, I'm going to help you determine what is going to be.

And your campaign, right? Because in each campaign there may be different ad sets, different ads. It's not really the actual management or uploading yet. It's more of like the strategic design.

So, this is kind of be a consultation as well, but maybe you're also going to do some of the artwork, mockup, copy, creative.

There's so much in that can be very powerful and effective. The right image, the right copy, the right call to action. These are all places your clients are going to mess up on.

They don't know about this. So, you're going to be their superhero and figure this all out and be like, here's your campaign. Doesn't it look amazing.


7: Facebook Ad Manager/Tech.

And then there's another thing that you would add on to that. And that's like Facebook ad management and maintenance, slight tweaks to the budget, optimizations to copy when you see it.

It's the ongoing process of keeping the ads good running properly tweaking things. It's really a separate thing because once you hand off. Like your job might be done.

There might be a much more sort of lower tech or IT thing. The truth is - in Facebook ads there's so much to offer and there's so many ways to design a package.

You really have to figure out if that works for you.

Because honestly, I do probably manage maybe five to eight Facebook ad accounts right now, but some of them are pretty small and sometimes you just kind of have to figure out by yourself.


So Which Remote Digital Marketing Service is for You?

And that's the final thing I want to tell you guys. When I got started, I did all of this stuff and you might think that's crazy.

But I just want it to make money and I wanted my clients to be happy and I wanted to sell time. I didn't want to sell digital marketing. I wanted to sell time.

I wanted people to say, wow, this could take me forever. Why don't I just pay my digital marketer, like a hundred dollars an hour to do this?

And that is way better than them spending six to eight hours when they could just get it done in one hour or even less.

I don't really offer this now because the truth is it's not very scalable and I'm trying to become more scalable from when I first started and I recommend this for you guys.


Realize That You Are A Pro-

You call it executive virtual assistant. You are not an Upwork VA, you are an executive level virtual assistant with a digital marketing specialty. You can do landing pages. You can do copy. You can do some creative. You can do social media uploading. You can help come up with strategies.

You can upload blogs. You can transcribe, you can do newsletter and you will be paid hourly in 15-minute increments, and you will tally what you did at the end of the month and provide a professional report.

That's what I did and people gobbled it up. Do you know how many influencers want an executive virtual assistant so that they don't have to do all this stuff?


Birth of Full-Stack Digital Marketer-

And that is where the full stack was born because I was doing everything. I got good at everything. And I'm like, wow, I'm a unique marketer. I can do so much.

I learned everything. Yes, I am not the best Facebook ad person. Yes, I am not the ultimate writer, but I wasn't wanting to sell that.

I wanted to sell time. And I think that's what people are buying these days.

I think everyone in this level is doing too much on their own and if they can find that person that can help them get through a bunch of stuff, there might be an opportunity for you to grow into a more specific role, a more executive.


Achieve The Remote Lifestyle-

One of my clients who spent over $40,000 with me last year, he calls me his right-hand man. He says he couldn't live without having me in his ecosystem. And I think that's what you may find as well. So don't get caught up in the specifics.

Maybe, start talking to a few clients, like, hey I can be your ecosystem, your digital master, your executive virtual assistant, then they'll be like, oh, it sounds interesting. That's just what I did, guys. That may not be working for you today.

And if you're watching this video in like 20, 27, like maybe these things are irrelevant. I don't know. It's not the point of what I did.

It's the point for you to have the awareness of some ideas that if you're going to go remote, make sure you commit yourself. To only choosing things that are remote. And that's what I did.

It's like I had to say no to anything that might hold me down. And I overly said yes to anything that I knew could be remote.

And there was a period where I was a bit overwhelmed. I was doing too much, but I had the lifestyle I wanted. And that's the point. And if you want it, you have to be willing to make the same sacrifices.

You have to be willing to make the same decisions of saying - my priority is to be a little bit more flexible in my location.

Why? Maybe I want to move to somewhere cheaper. Maybe I want to move to somewhere that's more valuable. Better weather for my energy. Maybe I want to move for the love of my life. Maybe I want something fresh in my life.

Like there's so many reasons you might want to be remote capable. The problem is when you get into a career in some of these industries, which are region specific, you can't go anywhere afterwards.

You're kind of stuck where the industry stuck. Right. And that's not, that's not future-proof. You just saw what happened in Hong Kong. You see what happens in some of these other countries, like anything can happen.

And that's what I want you to realize. That's why I wanted a future-proof you, that's why I want you to learn more than one skill, because like I've said, any platform can change any day.


Become Future Proof-

I've had my own channels deleted for no reason. I'm not going to talk about it, but I've experienced the side where it's like, wow. I thought that was going to make a lot of money. And the platform decided to delete it unfairly.

You know, I live with that knowledge. I can't rely on any one thing anymore.

It never will be that way. You can never do that, especially in social media because you don't own these platforms and you've seen it with YouTube. You've seen it with Facebook. You've seen it with algorithms.

You can see that even if you're going to play in this game, that's fine. It's fine. You can play in this game, but you have to see what's happening.

You have to see how these things are changing. You have to see how social media became mainstream. You have to understand what that means. And you have to defend yourself, future-proof yourself. Learn from your mistakes.

And that's what I'm trying to share with you guys. I'm sorry if I went a little bit long today, I see this is about 20 minutes, but damn, if you don't know what to do after this, I don't know what to tell you.


Just Do It-

Get your own website. Explain what you're willing to offer. Call yourself an executive virtual assistant. Call yourself a social media manager. Call yourself a Facebook and funnel designer. Call yourself a full-stack marketer.

I don't care. Call yourself something and go out and start offering it to people.

And it's not a cold email. Pick your dream clients, target people you think are right for you. Now learn about their business, show them you care, pretend there's a job interview and go win the job.

They didn't even realize they needed you. Show them that you're ready to bring some value, make some recommendations on how they can improve their website, their funnel.

Tell them, hey, I'm a digital marketer from Ohio. I'm a digital marketer from Russia. You could improve your website because when I was on it, I noticed you didn't have this funny thing. I actually specialize in companies like yours.

Would you be interested in having a quick consultation with me where I could explain what we could do and I could show you how we can improve this and, overall improve your business.

You have to start thinking more like that. You have to start thinking about value upfront. You have to start thinking about - Why would this client take note of me? And how could I surprise them with a little bit of knowledge?

Trust me, they'll be interested. You don't need to do companies. You could also start with influencers, content creators, streamers, product designers, funnel makers, etc. in the digital space.

They're probably the ones that need you the most. I recommend you focus on online businesses.

E-commerce businesses, funnel makers, content creators who have lots of followers and help them build funnels, help them fix their overall marketing, help them write better content, help them rank higher for the keywords they want, help them publish more newsletters, help them fix their Facebook ads.

I want you guys to succeed. And I guess I just feel like I've repeated myself a bunch of times. I'll do my best. I'm trying my best to get you guys what you need at a fair amount. I already manage a shit load of clients on myself.

Like I don't have like unlimited time, so I just want more people to take action.

This is about where you grow into the boss mode. This is where you grow into the, the business man or woman you grow into your responsibility.

And it is about letting go of the things that are blocking you. I think everyone always has something blocking them.

And that's what this is about. So, you can do this. This is not that crazy.


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