6 Tips to Advance Your Digital Marketing Consulting Career

Go to next level of Digital Marketing Career


If you're looking to take your digital marketing career to the next level, then you're in for a treat in this video. I'm going to give you six or seven tips to help you get to that next level. Stay tuned.

Hey everyone. My name is Rich Ux from, where we transform the anti nine to five or into a human being who lives life on their own terms. Yes. We're transforming people into freelance marketers and in some cases, digital marketing consultants, strategists, expert. For so many of us, we're just breaking into the industry.

And today I want to give you some tips that you can focus on over the next year, maybe 18 months. And if you can deploy these tips, I'm sure it's going to help you accelerate your career and put you on the path to consulting.

Consulting is a great gig because it's remote capable. It's well paid. You get to do more of the fun elements of the job, less of the task work, but it's something to be earned.

It's not something to be claimed. You really have to work your way up. But I think some of these tips are going to help. All right. So, tip number one, it's going to be practiced your speaking and your articulation of ideas. Consultant is constantly talking with their clients, whether it's through email or through a zoom call or face to face.


Practice Articulating


And I think that articulating your strategic ideas, your pros and cons different elements of the marketing beast, so to speak. I think that, practicing how to speak the word choices. The pace scene. It's going to be really important. You can do that by starting your own YouTube channel. You could do that by just speaking with people in your network.

If you don't have a lot of clients. When I was first starting out in my journey, I really invited my friends. To coffee dates for conversations about business. If they had any sort of side business full-time business, it didn't matter.

I wanted to talk to them about digital marketing. Maybe I charged them, maybe I didn't.

And in most cases I probably didn't at the beginning, just offered to have a coffee or a lunch with them and talk about ideas, ask them, are they doing this? Are they doing that? Have they tried? This what's been their experience with.

And I think that is going to be a key element of developing your skillset as a confident consultant is speaking with people.

Now, of course you may have some written correspondence over your career, and certainly that can be improved. And I think, as basic tips would go for email, I would just start trying to write more clearly to the point, not wasting people's time with long endless of.

But when you really want to communicate something important, get people on the phone and get them talking with you.


Stay up to date on trends


Get them face to face, save email for the administrative, the booking of calls and practice talking to people on the phone or on a zoom call. Number two is obviously to be a good consultant.

You really need to be up to date on trends on what's working on the tactical and both the macro elements and the micro elements, which social media platform is outperforming.

But within those social media platforms, what are some of the tips and tricks you can do to get the most reach or conversion rate? So right now, in 2022, you wouldn't be well-served to be promoting organic Facebook pages, whereas 10 years ago that might've been the number one choice. Certainly, today people are focusing more on Tik TOK.

On Instagram reels, video components, video more popular than ever short form vertical video.

But then when you go into reels versus tick-tock, what are the different tips you can do on expanding your reach, such as you know how to choose the right audio, that might be trending how to insert text in a way that's more engaging how to choose the right hashtags or keywords.

So, staying up to trends, isn't really difficult. I think you want to follow accounts that inspire you follow accounts that inform and educate you.

And, just do a little bit of reading and deep diving now. And then I don't think it has to be a primary task of your day-to-day work.

But if consulting is your end game, I think that trends are going to be important.

Having said that I think foundational knowledge, fundamental frameworks, they are still key. I think that you want to have a best practice.

Go to list, that don't deviate too much based on trends, but our tried and true, marketing campaigns really retain the same core elements year after year.

It's really the distribution platforms that typically change, and those can be plug and play, whether that's digital advertising or organic traffic sources.

They really can be swapped in and out and you want to retain those core fundamentals of marketing. The next thing I would do, number three would be to start your own expert blog.


Start an expert blog


If you're a consultant, I think it makes sense that you write, at least one article a month, maybe an article a quarter, and ideally two, three articles a month.

And this goes back to number one. Is this articulating your own. I think writing about strategy, writing about concepts, writing about trends, that's going to help you speak about them.

I think that it's going to be good for your website. It's going to help you get clients in the future. It's going to build your authority.

Typically, in the info industry, the expert industry, whoever answers the most questions online is a natural authority. I've answered so many questions about digital marketing over the last few years.

And without a doubt, I've become one of the most foremost authorities on the topic. And maybe there's people that are better than me and smarter than me.

But they haven't answered the questions online, they haven't put down their thoughts. So, it's hard for them to take on that authoritative position in society.

So, I would start, your own personal freelance consulting website, whatever it might be, and just start getting articles up.

If you change your website domain one day, it's really not that hard to export those articles and port and move them over to another web. These become sort of these micro digital assets, same as creating a YouTube channel.

You could absolutely create a niche expert YouTube channel. Now I don't think you should write too broadly. I think you should pick a focus.

Maybe you pick a traffic source, maybe you pick, SEO, traffic, maybe you pick social media trends. Maybe you pick a platform.

If you focus on Instagram, if you focus on Tik TOK or YouTube, maybe you focus on a medium text, video, audio podcasting, maybe pick a few, try to narrow it down. And obviously. You want to pick topics that are relatable to the service you provide.

Do you provide strategy on everything or are you a niche strategist? Do you provide services? Can you relate them? I think that's going to be a really good strategy going forward and that's going to absolutely accelerate your career.

It definitely won't decelerate it, but most importantly, the takeaway is that, when we write about things, it really enhances our ability to think about.

I'm writing about things, forces us to become more concise, more pointed and ultimately more powerful and potent by reducing the number of words it takes for us to explain something.


Start a niche-interest blog


And that's not the only writing I would do tip number four. I would actually also start a niche interests’ site.

So not an expertise site, but an interest site, a passion. Something that is, totally different from marketing.

I would try to deploy your own marketing skills in a different arena, make sure that the best practices that you advise, that the trends you advise that they are still working, can you create some sort of separate marketing entity as simple as a blog, as simple as a channel.

And can you grow. I think that's going to give you a lot of confidence. I think that's going to always be a bit of a case study for you.

I think that you can continue to utilize that site to show people what's working and to prove to yourself what's. So, starting a niche interest site was something really powerful for me a few years ago.

And I think I continue to look for opportunities to do that. That becomes a bigger form of an asset that can be its own revenue stream that can also generate clients in its own way as well. People see the success you had overall on that niche site.

You're going to have a lot of success. Look, we're called Rich and Niche for a reason that, when you create niche products, when you create niche, web.

You get a lot of benefits, right? You get the ranking benefits. You're going to outrank people on specific long tail keywords.

You have the ability to have niche copy so that you really are targeting people and speaking to a smaller group of people, you're going to connect with them better. People are going to be more interested to follow your projects.

If they're niche, if they're broader, if they're irrelevant, people are going to be less. By the way I haven't mentioned what is this to my son? He recently just turned two.

His birthday was last week. It looks like the helium is still running. Should have mentioned that it's probably a weird thing to put in a video without mentioning it, but I've just been making videos here in my living room seems to be the best place for the audio for now, until I'm able to get my more high-end audio.

Get a bit of an echo in this concrete building. So, trying to reduce that for you guys, let's go on to number five the fifth tip for improving and accelerating your marketing consulting career.

Get involved in a community or a forum so that you have an endless amount of people to dialogue. Whether that's a marketing specific form or not critical, but I think that would be advantageous.


Get involved in a community or forum


There's a lot of marketing communities out there where people are discussing, specific topics around digital marketing, advertising, social media.

Web design, all sorts of topics out there. You can start with a Facebook group. You can look for more private forums offline. You could join the Rich and Niche community.

We've got hundreds of people in a discord talking on a daily basis about all topics related to digital marketing, freelancing and consulting.

And, we do cool stuff like asking questions that people can prompt and respond to keeping people accountable through different channels. Answering questions, of course.

And if you want to be a consultant, you really should look for every single opportunity. You can't answer questions, be that authority, be that person that people say, yeah, he knows what he's talking about.

She knows what she's talking about. I'm going to go ask her in a follow-up question or I'm going to refer someone to her.

So again, going back to articulation of ideas, the presentation of strategies and words that are compelling and interesting to people.

Alright. So, join up a community or a form is tip number five. And the last tip of course, is continue to invest in yourself and your education. It's going to be difficult to become a consultant.


Invest money into yourself


For free, to get the best ideas, to get the best trends, even if it's as simple as buying a new book every month and keep pulling in more information into your brain and more concepts and understanding ideas.

I think that's where you can start, $20 a month investing into books, a hundred dollars a month investing into online courses, and then considering more three to $5,000 a year.

Into mastermind groups, intensive programs. These are really what separate you from everyone else.

Whether it's separation through knowledge, separation, through accountability, separation, through access, to different mentors and groups. And also, this is how you're going to build a stronger network. This is how you're going to get more referrals.

You really have to invest in that. Consulting is not an entry level position. It's absolutely something developed over, three to five years is not unreasonable.

I don't think that you can necessarily just jump in the first year. And so that's why, at Rich and Niche, I'm really focused on giving people the absolute basics for free.

We have the digital marketing crash course. You can even get our digital marketing consulting, blueprint. All of that is down below in the description.

But then we get people into our full stack, digital marketing masterclass, by understanding the core pillars of digital marketing, the absolute fundamental theory of classical marketing and, knowing how to build a website, knowing how to build a.

Knowing how to set up a Facebook ad, knowing how to create great content. Those are just things you absolutely need to know before you can ever start consulting.

Those things are going to be with you for life. You're going to have those fundamentals. And then we put people into our freelance labs so they can start getting clients, building their business, starting building that income.

Maybe they start planning their escape from their nine to five.

And then we talk about putting people into our consulting accelerator or taking our consulting programs, where you learn more advanced systems, advanced CRM build-outs signature process involving strategy auditing working with clients at a higher level.

So, I do believe that there is a process. But I believe that, Rich and Niche is one of the foremost entities out there helping people with that process.

I talked to a lot of students every single week and they tell me about different digital marketing courses they're taking online and these courses aren't cheap three to $5,000 and they're giving people the.

They're not engaging them. They're not giving them interactivity. They're not giving them community. They're not giving them follow-up support.

Those are things we offer at and niche to give you really an unparalleled educational. First of all, our masterclass is a better price point than most other certificate programs out there.

We don't offer a certification, but there's a good reason for that. If a school wants to offer a certification, they have to really lock in their curriculum in concrete. And that's why so many of these programs are completely out of date. They've been certified for information that's from 20 15, 20 10.

It's not even usable, right. I'm literally adding, course elements from this week, what's up to date now, what is Google using now?

What is Facebook using now? We're keeping it as up-to-date as possible. You of course get access to our huge digital marketer community. And that's all about accountability, connection network.

You're instantly invited into our LinkedIn private group where you're going to, probably triple your network connections over.

And of course, mentorship, I'm always there to answer your questions to give you advice on your career. It's only a matter of time before Rich and Niche is without a doubt.

The number one in class place to learn, study and become a digital marketer, whether you want to be a freelancer or consultant.

So, the tips to remind you, practice your articulation. Stay up to trends. Write an expert-based blog on marketing, create a niche channel or a niche blog to prove your marketing skills get involved in a community or a forum and be answering questions and dialoguing all the time.

And don't forget to continually invest in your knowledge so you can separate yourself. And become that world-class digital marketing consultant.

The opportunity is absolutely available. This is an emerging career and you have the chance to get ahead, to establish yourself as a platform expert, a niche expert, some sort of area of expertise that you can claim and start writing or creating videos about it and become that clear authority online.

It's really not that difficult, but you're going to have to put in the work the time, the money, the commitment to the craft.

So, guys, if you liked this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you want more videos about consulting, I can absolutely try and give you that. And don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

So, you don't miss the next video. We're pumping out more videos than ever trying to get a routine back in now.

Living in Belgrade, Serbia, settling down with my family. We just did five, six months over in Mexico. I need to make a video about that transition as well, but it's been quite a adventurous time for me, not the best time to be, sitting down and talking about some.

Philosophical elements of our career, but definitely going to make more time for that.

Now, if you have a question about any of the tips I gave today, you could leave a comment below and I will answer it. I answered 90% of all comments and questions.

So do that. And of course, check out

We've got a bunch of free webinars over there. I link them below in the description and check out our programs.

If you want to really accelerate your career and take advantage of the opportunities that are out there to. See you guys in the next video.


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