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Funnel Audits Made Easy

Quickly IDENTIFY FUNNEL LEAKS & develop an optimization road map with ease

This 15-point checklist and guidebook will make your consulting and funnel optimization process dead-simple.

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15 Key Funnel Components Completely Mapped Out & Made Simple.

Each component is dissected by explaining why it’s critical to funnel success.
What questions you should ask your clients to find out which components are missing (the leaks).
How to optimize each component to best practices.
And any tools you might need along the way.
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Benefits of Owning Funnel Audits Made Easy

The Perfect Way to Wow Your Clients from Day One

Show your clients you know exactly what to look for when analying and auditing a funnel or online business. FAME will give you a powerful question list to follow and find the leaks simply through Q&A with your client.

Utilize this Tool to Identify a Development Road Map

By completing the audit questionnaire with your client or your own funnels, you'll identify what is missing and why your funnel is not in optimal form. Use the missing elements to fill your development road map and complete each component as soon as possible.

Improve Conversion Rates by Building a Complete Experience

The purpose of building a funnel is to improve the customer's digital user experience. When your funnel is complete and all 15 areas have been satisfied you will find your conversion rates going up and your confidence to buy ads or create content will skyrocket.

Funnel Audits Made Easy

Exactly What You're Getting:

1. 15-Point Funnel Audit Checklist & Guidebook

(Value $1000)

2. Funnel Audit Tool & Roadmap Creator

(Value $250)

3. Consultant's Questionnaire Notion/PDF Guide

(Value $250)

4. Free and Paid Funnel Optimization Tools List

(Value $250)

5. Sales Page Copywriting Framework (Bonus)

(Value $250)

Total Value $2000

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