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Digital marketing is hard, and it only gets harder with multiple projects on the go. You need a tool that can help you manage all of your clients, brands, and projects.

COMMANDR Pro was built to address this very problem. It's the ultimate productivity suite for digital marketers, filled with rich templates that take advantage of Notion's powerful feature set.

With COMMANDR Pro, you'll be able to manage multiple clients, brands or projects with ease. You'll save time and be more productive than ever before.
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What's Inside COMMANDR PRO

Powerful Client CRM

Organize your clients and their brand info all in one place.

Project Scope Lists

Every major digital marketing project outlined, priced and scoped.

Client Account Board

See high-level client intel and document management.

Discovery Call Template

Breeze through qualification calls with your prospects.

Brand Info Dashboards

Maintain consistency with complete brand identity and info management boards.

Strategic Development Tools

The exact tools we use to complete our consulting delivery.

Contract Builder

A variety of contract templates to consult and modify.

Content Management System

Keep content hyper-organized and easy to schedule.

Content Creation Framework

Blast through content development with this super-efficient framework.


Exactly What You're Getting:

1. Commandr Pro All-in-One Productivity System

(Value $2500)

2. Commandr Pro Video Training

(Value $500)

3. Brand Dashboard Templates

(Value $1500)

4. Project Builder, Scope Lists & Contract Templates

(Value $500)

5. Content Management System Template

(Value $500)

6. Thought Capital Content Creation Template

(Value $500)

Total Value $6000

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