The SIX Types of Digital Marketers

Increase Your Income By Maximizing Your Talents, Skills & Personality.

The Brand Builder

The brand builder is versatile but typically comes from a visual design background. The brand builder will likely be very social media savvy. The advantage of the Brand Builder is its ability to grow small companies with very little resources. This can also be their weakness, as they lack experience in more corporate campaigns. They typically choose organic traffic methods over paid traffic.

Helps businesses get noticed and remembered.

KPI - Lifetime Value, Engagement Metrics

Super Power - Aesthetic and Messaging

Skill Mastery - Design, Content, Social

Customer Journey - Awareness, Engagement, Subscription

Favorite Tool - Canva

The Lead Generator

The Lead Generator (LG) focuses on capturing customer data such as email and phone numbers. The Lead Generator will use web pages and paid traffic sources like Facebook or Google. They might also use YouTube in a variety of ways. The LG is good at writing copy, which helps improve conversion rates of their opt-in offers. A good LGwill charge you per qualified lead and get you fast results.

Helps businesses attract high quality leads.

KPI - New Leads

Super Power - Lead Magnet Development, CRO

Skill Mastery - Copywriting, Page Dev,

Customer Journey - Engagement, Subscription

Favorite Tool - Kartra or Unbounce

The Conversion Optimizer

The conversion optimizer (CO) is focused on moving people through the mid-funnel elements such as email and checkouts. Their goal is to get people to take action through short-burst tactical messaging and using a clear call to action. The CO is not commonplace. Nor are businesses aware that COs exist. Over time, this position will grow in demand. A good CO should charge using value-based pricing. If the client makes $50k/month and you increase that to 70k/month (or $240k a year) you should charge $25-100k for that work.

Helps businesses turn leads into paying customers.

KPI - Conversion Rates, Average Customer Value

Super Power - CRO

Skill Mastery - Copywriting, Page Development, Automation

Funnel Strength - Middle of Funnel (Conversion, Ascension)

Favorite Tool - Google Analytics

The UX Architect

The UX Architect (UXA) covers many steps in the customer journey. User Experience is always happening and so the entire pathway must be considered and designed thoughtfully. The UXA is familiar with up-to-date best practices for design and consumer behavior. The UXA knows when to deploy tactical marketing devices like Popups and Upsells. The UXA will likely have a flat fee plus an hourly rate with a pre-determined scope of work. Websites are about $3k, Funnels $5-8k, and More complex jobs can start at $20k if more advanced tools are needed.

Helps businesses optimize their web, email and social user experiences for speed, responsiveness and design.

KPI - Conversion Rates, Bounce Rate,

Super Power - User Experience Optimization

Skill Mastery - Page Development, Split-Testing,

Customer Journey - Conversion, Excitement, Ascention

Favorite Tool - Webflow

The Strategic Consultant

The Strategic Consultant (SC) is bringing clarity and conviction to a company's marketing plan. The SC is doing research, auditing, and looking for opportunities for the brand in question. The SC can provide one-time deep dives for a fixed fee or percentage of revenue. Your strategy is only worth so much to smaller companies, so it can be good to adjust the price based on their current revenue, which appears fair to all parties.

Helps businesses develop a plan and design marketing campaigns to achieve desired business results.

KPI - Conversion Rates, Average Customer Value

Super Power - Problem Solving

Skill Mastery - Copywriting, Page Development, Automation

Funnel Strength - Middle of Funnel (Conversion, Ascension)

Favorite Tool - SEMRush

The Full-Stack Marketer

The Full-Stack Marketer is a true Unicorn in the business world. You may never have the opportunity to hire one because they are nearly unemployable. They are so capable in the modern world, that they can spin gold for their clients in many different ways including replacing their entire marketing department with a world-class automated marketing funnel and content system.

Can do all of the above. The Superstar Marketer.

KPI - Traffic, Leads, Conversions,

Super Power - One person to handle an entire department.

Skill Mastery - End-To-End Campaign Design & Development

Funnel Strength - Middle of Funnel (Conversion, Ascension)

Favorite Tool - Notion

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