Email Marketing Quiz Answers & Explanations

1. What are the goals that marketers should strive for in email marketing?

a. Increase open rates, click rates, and reply rates.

b. Decrease spam rates.

c. Decrease deliverability rates

d. All of the above

Answer: B

When it comes to email there are many areas of focus beyond just opens, clicks and replies. If we can’t get the email to the customer’s inbox nothing we do after matters. Using professional email platforms and proper sending protocols will help us ensure proper delivery to the inbox and not the spam box.

2. What is the best practice for sending an email communication from a brand?

a. Including only the employee’s name.

b. Including the employee's first name.

c. Identifying the brand name.

d. Sending from multiple employee accounts.

Answer: C

The brand name should always be included, but it's also ok to include a name for the staff.

3. You are writing a renewal email that will be sent to paid subscribers of an informational newsletter. Which of the following is the best subject line option?

a. Don't lose your edge!

b. Time to renew

c. Your account needs attention

d. Renew early and save 20%!

Answer: D

This statement offers the recipient a definite action and incentive.

4. Which of the following statement is NOT correct?

a. Images quickly engage our imagination.

b. Images help guide the message of the email.

c. Images get the attention of the recipient.

d. Emails with engaging images have higher deletion rates.

Answer: D

Adding eye-catching images to emails will make them less likely to be deleted.

5. Emails get more clicks, acquire more customers, and drive more sales than social media.



Answer: A

Emails have a 6 times higher chance of receiving a click-through than a tweet. Email segment subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content through social media.

6. All the companies within the same industry should try to look the same and do the same with their email communications.




Answer: B

Companies should develop their own unique strategy to communicate with customers.

7. The length of the subject line has a direct impact on open rates and click rates.




Answer: B

The length of the subject line on its own does not have any effect on open rates and click-through rates in the studies studied.

8. Open rates are primarily influenced by _____.

a. Industry

b. Word choice

c. The day email is sent

d. Relevance to the customer.


Answer: D

Sending relevant messages to the customer is by far the most important factor to impact open rates. This is why segmenting your email database is critical.

9. A member of your team proposes to cap the subject line at 30 characters to increase the open rate and click rate. What points would you emphasize as the primary factors of open rate and click rate?

a. Word length and frequency

b. List size and offer

c. Specific recipients and personalized message

d. Targeted industry and the day of the week


Answer: C

The majority of email marketing campaigns are successful because they are personalized and relevant to their users. The data show that this is the case for subject lines and subject lines, as well.

10. How important is consistency in branding and subject lines?

a. The email becomes an extension of the brand and the format becomes recognizable.

b. Everything needs to be the same.

c. It isn't important.

d. Subject lines can be ignored.


Answer: A

Developing a consistent brand communication style helps you define your subject line and offer.

11. Which of these is most likely to get a customer to take action from an email campaign?

a. Adding a Video

b. Adding a Call-To-Action

c. Adding More Hyperlinks

d. Adding a Professional Signature


Answer: B

The best way to get a customer to take an action is to make a clear statement about what they should do next to get the benefits you are offering.

12. Using white space around an object will:

a. Waste space that could be used for marketing

b. Make a border

c. Enhance the object and draw attention to it

d. Decrease readability


Answer: C

White space highlights content and makes it simple to grasp.

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