The Full-Stack Marketer Lab

Graduate with the skills and confidence to run your own freelance digital marketing business in 24-weeks or less.

The next lab starts on Oct 20th. Seats are very limited.

The most immersive training program for freelance digital marketers.

Enhance your skills, create winning offers, and start getting freelance digital marketing clients today.

If you want to become a confident digital marketer who can obtain clients and achieve success, the Full-Stack Marketer Lab is for you.

You’ll be immersed in relevant projects that will train you on how to offer high-value work to clients while also building your business skills.

With this program, you can obtain the skills and confidence needed to achieve success as a freelance full-stack marketer.

Freelance Lab Benefits

Enhance Marketing Skills Fast

Learn everything you need to know about being a full-stack digital marketer

Learn to Sell Your Services

Don't learn skills without knowing how to offer and sell them to the world.

Build Your Business Assets

Develop your offers, website, and multiple key assets to improve your business.

Make Money Right Away

Gain the skills to offer high-value work immediately

Join a Powerful Network

Build relationships and develop camaraderie with multiple high-level thinkers.

Obtain a Mentor

Be taken under the wing of Rich Ux and build a life-long association.

The Full-Stack Marketer freelance Lab is Designed for Immediate Results.

With our immersive training program, you’ll be ready to offer high-value work to clients right away.

Cohort-Based Learning

You'll work in a small group of 6-12 students and be assigned an accountability partner. You'll be highly focused and given the right amount of personalized attention.

Live and Interactive Training

All of the core modules are taught live on Zoom. Students are expected to interact via chat or voice when called upon. You will be challenged and supported.

Hands-On Assignments

Each week will have you working on hands-on digital marketing assignments to ensure you are learning key skills and walking away with sufficient confidence in the craft.

Attend live or Watch Replays

Although we hope you can make every session, if you can't replays will be provided within 48 hours. You will have unlimited, lifetime access to those replays.

Direct Feedback from Experts

You will be taught directly by Rich Ux in all of the primary training sessions. You may have other experts join sessions to supplement your learning experience.

Off-Week Coaching Sessions

Primary sessions are every other week to give you sufficient time to complete assignments and digest the materials. In between, are coaching and Q&A sessions.

There are Marketers. there are Freelancers.

Learn the skills. Learn to sell.

Module 1 - Full-Stack marketer Skill Up

Week 1 - Lead Generation

Learn the key elements of online lead generation through lead magnets, copywriting and landing pages.

Week 3 - Email Marketing

Learn how to write and setup multi-email automation campaigns to nurture and ascend your online leads and prospects.

Week 5 - Content Marketing

Learn to create short-form videos to attract attention and create interest around your brand or business.

Week 7 - Content Distribution

Learn how to maximize the reach and effect of your online content and digital media.

Week 9 - A/B Testing

Learn how to read analytics dashboards and setup A/B testing for continued optimization of an online user experience.

Week 11 - Digital Ads

Learn how to setup Facebook Ads and Google Ads to perfection so you can generate results without losing money.

Module 2 - freelance Client Acquisition

Week 13 - Crafting the Right Offers

Creating and making great offers is an absolute key to freelance success. We'll help you craft the perfect set based on your skillset and desired client-base.

Week 15 - Your Business Website

Build out the perfect one-page website that can rank in Google and that will leave your customers wanting to book discovery calls with you.

Week 17 - Client & Project Management

Learn how to use Notion to manage clients and projects with Ease. Learn how to build one-click templates to save time and make each new client setup a breeze.

Week 19 - Client Acquisition: Lead Gen

Filling your lead pipeline is an essential component of freelancing. We'll go over the key methods to ensure you always have new business streaming in.

Week 21 - Client Acquisition: Selling

Learning to close a deal is a huge part of freelancing and most people shy away from this part. You'll learn the easiest ways to close authentically and without fear.

Week 23 - Client Acquisition: Automation

Landing a deal means contracts, onboarding, emails and more. You'll learn how you can make this process simple and repeatable with automation tools.

Rich+Niche has been instrumental in supporting my growth as a personal brand and digital marketer. The support I receive from both Rich and the community is tremendous. The programs I have taken have been extremely high value for the cost

SJ Gooding, Digital Marketer

Rich gives you the knowledge you need to begin your own career with confidence and direction.

Casey G.
Digital Marketer

If anyone understands future-proof value it's Rich Ux. The Full Stack Digital Marketing Man himself. I'm so glad I joined the Rich+Niche Collective.

Peace J.
Paid Media Specialist

Rich knows what he's talking about, very authentic and clear. In his work, with the program and follow through ☝️ very thorough.

Michael S.
Brand Strategist

Rich is great at keeping it simple and actionable. Also seems to be very up to date concerning the technologies he uses.

Jonathan S.
Digital Marketer

There is no fluff with Rich! Not a moment is wasted and this is absolutely a comprehensive course. Many times I’ve found myself blown away by how Rich has simplified the material but it’s jam-packed with the right information at the right time.

Brooke S
Digital Marketer

I’m in the course and all I can say is Rich is the man. Super knowledgeable and has put together something here to get you results for clients and yourself.

Adam T.
Digital Marketer


If at the end of this program you do not feel you got your money's worth we will return your entire tuition fee. No questions asked.

Students must attend 80% of the live classes and complete the homework assignments to qualify for the money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment plans?

Yes there are payment plans.

How often do live classes run?

For those starting in Oct 2022, live classes are every week on Thursdays at 7am PST.

In-between core training weeks there are off-week coaching sessions for Q&A and additional support.

Do I have to attend live?

It is highly recommended, but not mandatory. Replays are provided within 48-72 hours.

How long can I access the content?

You will have lifetime access to materials and recordings.

Are there any additional costs?

There are very few if any additional costs. The only potential costs may be low-cost software tools recommended to complete your homework assignments. Most tools used in the program have freemium plans that you won't have to pay for while training.

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