Rushikesh Bhurse

Biggest Result to Date:

I closed my first $1500 full-stack project after successfully completing the FSM lab.

What is your current occupation:

Full-Stack Digital Marketer

What is your desired occupation:

Full-Stack Digital Marketer

What were your goals before you found R+N:

To have a well established digital marketing business

What made you justify this investment:

I definitely got a lot more than I invested. To be honest the amount of value that I got from R+N is invaluable. R+N didn't just teach me about digital marketing, it taught me about how to live a life.

What results did we achieve for you?

1. It made me confident enough to talk to clients

2. It gave me clarity about the digital marketing industry and freelancing.

3. I was able to close multiple clients from various niches confidently.

4. I feel secure and safe when I know that I have enough skills that can help me make a good amount of money.

5. I have got the financial confidence.

Who could benefit from our programs:

1. One wants to build a successful digital marketing business

2. Freelancers

3. Aspiring digital marketers

4. One who wants to build a future-proof career