Your Future is Freedom.

Rich+Niche (pronounced Rich and Neesh) was founded in 2020 for the purpose of giving people their time and freedom back through the development of digital marketing skills.

Skills give us the power to bring value to people outside of a traditional job.

In a world trending quickly towards doing business online, the need for good, authentic & trust-worthy marketers has never been higher. Rich+Niche is here to train you and give you the confidence to begin working independently outside of a 9-5 career.


What makes Rich+Niche very unique is our community approach to learning.

When you enroll in our programs you are automatically added to our Collective Network and our Discord Channel.

These two resources give you a great sense of support as you embark on this new journey.

You will be able to meet and connect with hundreds of like-minded individuals. People are in the same position as you who have the same goals as you.

Learn more about the R+N Community here.

Build by marketers for marketers

Rich+Niche is founded and led by Rich Ux, the world's first Full-Stack Digital Marketer.

Rich Ux has designed a learning curriculum that provides students with the critical knowledge they need to succeed in the digital realm, but also provides enough leadership and philosophy to thrive in the physical world.

Rich Ux is a proud digital marketer who has specialized in building high-impact, conscious brands. He has worked with both  companies and influencers around the world.

Good Work

What drives Rich+Niche is making sure people enjoy their work. Only from there can one begin to design a life of freedom and liberty. When you don't enjoy your work, your energy becomes depleted.

Rich Ux has often been inspired by 'Ikigai' which leads people to find their true purpose. A purpose that brings value to the world but satisfaction to the Self.

When one is able to find good work, there is a sense of ease in life.

The reason digital marketing has led so many to good work is due to the lifestyle design capabilities it provides.

Digital marketing or brand building as Rich Ux prefers to call it, is a highly dynamic type of work which alleviates the boredom most 9-5 roles create.

Digital marketing is a job which can easily be done remotely. It can be done from home or from a co-working space in Bali.

Rich Ux has proven this to be true by working successfully in Bali, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, and the coast of British Columbia.

Digital marketing is now a highly sought after skillset which is required in all areas of business. One can find this type of work within any industry they might desire which allows people to enjoy their work due to their innate passion or interests.

start your journey

Now is the time to make the shift into digital marketing.

Rich Ux recommends you take the Digital Marketing Masterclass and learn the core skills of Funnels, Content Creation and Digital Advertising. By learning these three critical areas of modern business, you will become a brand's most valuable asset or be able to build your own business with them.

Modern business is ALL about branding and marketing. No matter what you want to do, what you want to sell, what you want to promote - success is behind these elements.

What makes Rich+Niche a great place to learn digital marketing is the bias for "Brand Building" and not just mass-selling. You'll find the Rich+Niche courses, content and techniques to be very comforting and not spammy whatsoever.