What is a Full Stack Marketer?

Rich Ux

What is a Full Stack Marketer? A Full-Stack Marketer (FSM) is a multi-skilled person who can strategize, manage, and execute both front-end marketing tasks and back-end marketing related automation and systems.

A Full Stack Marketer is capable of managing entire marketing campaigns end to end, from start to finish.

A Full Stack Marketer can be an incredibly valuable asset on a small team with a limited marketing budget.

The reality of being a full stack marketer

I have been a full stack marketer for nearly 5 years. I like to tell people that full stack marketing is just another word for fancy object syndrome.

The fact is, a full stack marketer needs a very wide yet specialized skillset.

You want to be able to high-quality design with hyper-functional automation.

You need to have some ability to create web pages and write web copy.

You need to be able to create some content and distribute it on social media.

You need to be able to put a strategy together for the entire campaign and drive sales into it, with confidence.

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Why people are flocking to the FSM career now

People like being a full stack marketer because you get a lot of variety in your work with plenty of responsibility. You will not get bored doing this. If you like to be constantly challenged, wants to see the fruit of your work in a shorter timeframe, and loves optimizing systems, this is for you.

This career is very adaptable and is perfect for people who crave creativity and constant movement in what they do. It offers a lot of variety, it is dynamic.

You can be a freelance full stack marketer which means you might have clients and a lot of freedom to design your own career. The way you want it to be.

Full stack marketing is completely remote-capable too! That means you can work from home or on the road. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and the will to learn.

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“With a Full Stack set of skills you'll never be short of opportunities.”


The Full Stack marketer career path

Becoming a full stack marketer can take time. There are so many skills and concepts to grasp. But don't worry, none of the skills require mastery, rather, a good understanding of the fundamentals.

There are always so many moving parts to marketing so being able to get those parts organized is often half the battle. You don't have to have an agency-level design or copy to generate good results.

I've enjoyed the ability to work on a business level with my clients. As opposed to say working on their logo, it feels when you are on the marketing side of things you are “doing business” which makes this career very enjoyable and rewarding.

Action plan for becoming an FSM

Here's an 8 point action plan if you want to become a full stack marketer:

  1. You should immediately start a blog and a YouTube channel. These two specific activities have impacted my life and progressed my career as an FSM greatly. These are great places to hone your digital marketing skillset. In the process you will learn SEO, keyword research, and how to start generating and strategizing ideas for content.
  2. Start creating websites for people you know or for fantasy projects. Websites are critical mediums to understand.
  3. Start writing copy. Learn to sell things with words. Read about cashvertising.
  4. Get Canva. Start developing some basic image content. Upload it to an Instagram account.
  5. Do everything covertly. No need to tell anyone you are building a full stack marketing skillset.
  6. Start learning about the customer journey. Learn about campaigns and the elements that go into them.
  7. Ask a family member or friend if you can help them market their product or service. Build them a funnel. Collect emails. Try to sell via email.
  8. Always use google analytics and Facebook pixels on your websites. Gather and learn from real data.

By following this action plan you will certainly be exposed to many new ideas and concepts. Embrace them. The journey to becoming a full stack marketer is never-ending due to culture and the complexity of business in the 21st century.

You can view its dynamism as a challenge but you can also view it as a field that keeps you on your toes. It is a career that requires an appetite for continuous learning.

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If you want to fast-track understanding what full stack marketing really is all about, I highly recommend you check out my course Full Stack Marketing Funnels (FSMF) which is a virtual workshop that will take you through the skills you need to take a step down this exciting and elusive career path.

What's inside the Full Stack Marketing Funnels course

Below are what you could expect inside:

  • Digital Marketing Theory
  • WordPress Building
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Copywriting
  • Page Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Traffic Generation
  • Project Management
  • How to sell marketing funnels as a service

While the barrier to entry in this field doesn't need much in terms of equipment, like any career, you need to give it the hours. There are a lot of topics and tools to know when you are starting out and it could be overwhelming. My goal is to narrow down the concepts that will get your career rolling as an FSM. Take the course or not, the takeaway here is that you need to get started. And work to launch your offer as a full stack marketer. Fast.

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Is Full Stack Marketing the Career for You?

There's no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best career choices for many Millenials in 2020. It has more freedom and challenge that all other careers that can be done without a college degree.

And yes, you can start full stack marketing with nothing more than high-school education if you put in the work.

I've never felt more satisfied and to be honest, more wealthy than I do today as a full stack marketer.


May the algorithms be ever in your favor,

Rich Ux

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