Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Yoga Studio Dharma Temple Relies on Content Maximizer

Rich Ux

When your business offers services, products and education, using our content maximizer service is a powerful way to make sure every aspect of your business is getting out to the public. We've been helping Dharma Temple bolster their content production and output with our content maximizer service and it's working wonders.

The Dharma Temple is a new Kundalini Yoga based startup offering much more than just yoga classes in Vancouver. They offer a wide variety of high-vibe events that empower the entire community. The Dharma Temple is run by three experienced, heart-led yogis who have a lot of insights and experience to share with their community.

In 2018, they wanted to expand their online presence in a way that was cost-effective but also had impact on their online community. They currently have about 9300 followers on their Instagram and a niche following on Facebook but that is the extent of their social following.

We recommended they start getting themselves on YouTube to take advantage of the enormous amounts of search traffic. Because they are a very niche business focusing on Kundalini Yoga, Dharma Yoga and Meditation Classes, we felt they could get a lot from putting out videos on Youtube and IG TV. We felt that with just 4-6 videos a month they could start dominating the conversation in their niche.

The main reason we believed they should start producing video around their educational content was to convert their videos into articles via transcription and editing so they could increase their rank in Google helping them generate more leads and customers.

They already have stellar reviews on both Google and Facebook. So customer happiness is not an issue. The issue is always driving new business to their brick and mortar location. They also want to start developing online courses so building their search based traffic now is a smart move.

At Rich+Niche we are always excited to be supporting new businesses especially niche companies who get the power and value of producing as much high-quality media as possible. We are a proud supporter of the work they do and hope to help them develop to become the Best Kundalini Yoga Studio in Vancouver.

If you are looking for a rad place to practice Yoga in Vancouver then definitely check them out. If you want to see how the content is going check out their Youtube, IGTV and Website to see our content maximizer system in full effect.

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