Uncertain Times Calls for a More “Useful” Set of Skills

Rich Ux

Due to recent events we can expect some recession like effects to a large part of the world economy.

A recession will always bring about 3 simple questions:

  • How long will my current income last?
  • How competitive will the future job market be as we exit the recession?
  • What new skills might I need to be successful in the future?

In this post I'll answer those questions. But first understand this.

The uncertainty you have triggers fear.

The building of your fear will trigger analysis paralysis.

Then you can't move. You can't take action. You can't solve the problem.

When it comes to challenging times you must keep moving. You can never let momentum get to zero. That is death.

But once you are moving where do you go? Well, lets address the problems head on…

The uncertainty of future income

We can dress it up all we like but the truth is, your income will only last as long as you are useful to the income provider.

Doesn't matter if you work a job, self-employed, contractor…Same deal. Usefulness equals potential value to others.

The answer to income uncertainty is always skill development. More skills means more ways to be useful. And better skills means you'll stand out.

And if you can be thoughtful about it, you might choose skills that are emerging and will likely be in high-demand rather than the passed down “good jobs” that your parents knew and suggested.

If you can develop the right skills you can fearless about income loss. This is called becoming financially confident.

Unlike financial freedom, which means you never have to work again–which unless you have $10,000,000+ in the bank right now, I'm not sure that is ever a sure thing.

Financial confidence is about knowing you can make money in any circumstance. It's about knowing you can figure your shit out if it comes to that.

Financial Confidence is the more important term to know. Financial freedom is a myth for most.

Develop your financial confidence by developing the skills that are useful and emerging.

As of Apr 3, the US jobless rate has gone above 10%. Depression-like levels.

That means over 10 million people will be looking at the new jobs that are created in the next 12-24 months.

If you find yourself in that pool job seekers, do you like your odds? Do you think you can demand the same salary going back?

This is certrainly going to be challenging for those who have always relied on job-based income because job-hunting has been their only method to income generation so far. I can empathize, entrepreneurship is truly not for everyone — but do we have a choice?

This world is trending towards collaborative contract work rather than boss-employee dynamics. You may need to develop an entrepreneurial side.

The corporate structure and lifestyle will no longer serve many once they taste the world of remote-work and the freedom it creates.

The commute will become despised.

The 15-min break will become laughable.

The 8-hour work day is dead and it was shot by Zoom.us.

Either people will figure out how to do their work faster and will only work 4 hours a day. Then they can enjoy the other 4 to themselves instead of playing Freecell to kill time.

Or, they will work 12-16 hours days because they will be properly incentivized to do so and they love their work and lifestyle. Either way the 8-hour work day is dead.

I've been screaming for years…the work world is transforming. Things are changing faster than you realize. You are going to need some new skills so you can come out of this situation ahead of the pack.

That's why I was studying PPC and Copywriting while I was stuck in Law School. That's why I was building funnels instead of friendships. That's why I was chasing organic reach instead of shots of tequila. There's no more time to play around.

If you do what the average person does, you can only expect average results.

Now let's ask the REAL question…

What does it take for you to become SO USEFUL that not only do you feel financially confident, you can actually skip the job hunt and just start offering your services to people and other businesses straight up?

What skills should you develop to make this a reality?

We better do a reality check so we get this right:

  • We are in an eCommerce driven world.
  • We are in a mobile communications driven world.
  • We are in an experience-driven driven world.

I might be biased but given this context, I like the skills of digital marketing, automated marketing and sales funnel building, content creation, copywriting, social ad video editing and digital asset development (ebooks, PDFs, audio books, mini video courses).

These all seem really useful right now.

It might seem very strange to you but take a look at our recent past:

  • Toys r Us – Not Useful
  • Amazon – Useful
  • Blockbuster – Not Useful
  • Netflix – Useful
  • Traditional advertising – Not Useful
  • Digital advertising – Useful

Do you see a pattern?

The future world demands of us the ability to sell online and communicate online. Welcome is the industry of digital marketing and content distribution.

You see marketing and selling will always be a thing.

  • They used to go door to door.
  • They used to use the telephone.
  • Then used to mail out flyers and pamplets.

Now they use social media platforms to drive web traffic to automated marketing funnels.

Can I plug the digital marketer a little more here?

The digital marketer is paid well, seen as an authority and has the most flexibility in their job. Remote-capable!

  • You can be a ad campaign developer
  • You can be a consultant or strategist
  • You can be an asset designer or a copy writer

So many areas available in digital marketing all stemming out of the understanding of how to create online user experiences.

And if you don't want clients…start your own damn brand!

These same skills can be used in your own niche business! What a revelation!

Friends, It's time to shift out of fear.

It's time to shift into developing skills. Becoming useful. Offering a service. Getting paid. Building a reputation.

You'll develop financial confidence quickly once you see the link between your own personal potential and the ability to provide value to the marketplace.

How can you take action today?

At Richandniche.com our mission is to train, serve and empower the next generation of digital marketers and brand builders.

We are fast-tracking action-takers into remote-capable careers and lifestyles.

We are creating financially confident individuals.

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We are here for you, we are here for the future.


May the algorithms be ever in your favor,

Rich Ux


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