Lead Magnet Quiz Answers & Explanations

1. What is the goal of a lead magnet?

a. To Gain Awareness for a Brand
b. To Capture Emails and Shift the Relationship
c. To Upsell a Customer and Drive Revenue
d. To Increase Brand Magnetism

Answer: B

The primary reason we use lead magnets is to collect emails and begin a marketing process with a specific person. Ideally, we also improve the relationship with the customer and position ourselves as an expert/authority/trusted person.

2. Which stage of the customer journey do lead magnets enhance?

a. Conversion
b. Ascension
c. Promotion
d. Subscription

Answer: D

Lead magnets are designed to enhance the subscription stage. You’ll typically have a traffic source flowing (either organic or paid) and utilize a lead magnet as a free offer to entice customers to provide their email to your business. This identifies them as a potential prospect who will spend money with your company.

3. When deciding on a topic for a lead magnet how specific should you be?

a. Vague
b. Moderately Specific
c. Very Specific
d. It Doesn't Matter

Answer: C

The best lead magnets are very specific! The more specific they are the more likely people are to be interested in them especially when they are information-based lead magnets. If a lead magnet is vague, people are not going to feel it is valuable and thus not worth their time to consider downloading it.

4. Where should you put your lead magnet on your website?

a. Front & Center
b. In a Popup
c. On the about page
d. All of the above

Answer: D

A lead magnet is designed to capture emails and for most online businesses this is a high priority thus you ought to position it in all the key spots as well as in an exit popup.

5. How much should you charge for your lead magnet?

a. Make it Free
b. $7
c. $97
d. $297

Answer: A

Ideally, a lead magnet is free. In order to capture the most emails, you want to remove the barrier to purchase. If you charge a fee for the lead magnet product you will get far fewer emails. Now you might actually get higher-quality customers by charging a small fee but in most cases this would be better classified as a tripwire. But when you create a lead magnet you still want to attract as many leads as possible and nurture them into customers through email campaigns and potentially retargeting campaigns.

6. The best lead magnets are:

a. Low Actual Value & Low Perceived Value
b. Low Actual Value & High Perceived Value
c. High Actual Value & Low Perceived Value
d. High Actual Value & High Perceived Value
Answer: D

If you want to get the highest conversion rates on your lead magnet then you want to give a lot of actual value and you want the offer to have strong perceived value, In other words, you want to help people make progress on their goals and you want to show them something that looks worth their time to consider downloaded and providing their email for.

7. Which of these lead magnets will likely convert higher for a weight loss company for moms?

a. 28 Day Weight-loss Challenge
b. Complete Gym Workout Guide
c. Lose 15 Pounds with 15 minutes a day at home
d. 88-Page Weight-loss Eating Guide
Answer: C

The best lead magnet would be the 15 points in 15 minutes a day at home.

It speaks to the target audience and it sounds easy to complete. The other answers are either too vague or take too long to consume and don't provide enough instant gratification.

8. Which of these is a good lead magnet for Wedding Planner Businesses?

a. How to Plan Your Own Wedding (Complete Guide)
b. 10 Things to Do Before You Say “I Do.”
c. 10 Best Honeymoon Spots for Couples on a Budget
d. 10 Easy Wedding Styles That Will Blow Your Guests Away
Answer: D

The best lead magnet would be the 10 Easy Wedding Styles because this would be very valuable, it would invoke curiosity and it would be a natural fit for someone who might need to hire a wedding planner. Further, it would improve the relationships by positioning the WP as someone who knows various styles. The other answers are either not relevant, take too long to consume or aren’t attracting ideal clients.

9. Which of these is a good lead magnet for Accounting Firms?

a. 30-Day Tax Reduction Challenge
b. 8 Ways to Lower Taxes for One-Man Corporations
c. How to Build a Business eBook
d. None of the above
Answer: B

The best lead magnet would be 8 ways to lower taxes for one-man corporations because it is high value and attracts a potential client. It’s easy to consume and is immediately gratifying.

10. Which of these is a good lead magnet for eCommerce Shops selling niche printed t-shirts?

a. Enter Your Email for 20% off Your First Purchase
b. 10 Websites to Print Your Own T-Shirts Online
c. Free T-Shirt Catalogue PDF (65 pages)
d. 3-Day T-Shirt Printing Online Workshop
Answer: A

The best lead magnet is the 20% discount and this one is widely used and continues to be effective and collecting emails from potential buyers. Not all lead magnets are information-based. A discount can be effective, especially when a follow-up sale is more likely.

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