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2 Hours
Rich Ux
Learn the Modern Approach to Cold Email Mass Outreach
Master the Tools Needed to Make Sending 1000's of Emails a Breeze
Get 100's of Cold Email Templates
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Course Summary

Immerse yourself in the mastery of customer creation and prospecting through Pipeline Overflow -- an online course that teaches you the art of the catch.

This isn't just about casting your cold email into the vast ocean of potential clients; it's about discovering the right bait, the perfect cast, and the ultimate reel-in strategy.

You'll learn how to unearth leads, both manually and through Coldlytics, and run automated cold email campaigns via Instantly.

With a focus on customer creation, prospecting, cold email, and discovery, you'll be setting appointments like a pro. The most valuable catch is waiting; dive into Pipeline Overflow today.

Course Outline

  • Prospecting
  • Email List Validation
  • Finding Anyone’s Email Address
  • Cold Email System Setup
  • Maximizing Deliverability
  • Writing Cold Emails
  • Using Instantly
  • Filtering Your Inbox
  • CRMs and Booking Apps
  • Qualification Questionnaires

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