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Unlock the power of website creation with the No-Code Web Developer online course.



12 Hours
Rich Ux
Access the Power of Web Design with No-Code
Learn the basics of both WordPress and Webflow
Gain Confidence with Website Projects
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Course Summary

Unlock the power of web development with the No-Code Web Developer online course.

This course is designed to introduce you into website building without previous experience or coding knowledge.

You'll learn just enough to be confident and apply it in a marketer's context.

This is not a web development course. It's a course for marketers to learn basic web development.

Enroll in the No-Code Web Developer course today and take your digital marketing skills to the next level.

Course Outline

  • Building on WordPress
  • Technical Setup
  • Website Development Basics
  • Your First WordPress Website
  • WordPress Walkthroughs
  • Blogging Tips
  • Building on Webflow
  • Webflow intro tour and style guide setup
  • First Page Buildout
  • Working with CMS Collections
  • Building a Freelance website in Webflow
  • Webflow Basic SEO
  • Setting up Google Console and Analytics
  • How much to charge for websites
  • A better way to build websites

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