Full-Stack Facebook Ads

How to Plan, Visualize & Execute Facebook Ads for Brands and Influencers



5 Hours
Rich Ux
Learn How Full-Stack Marketers Manage Entire Digital Ad Campaigns
Learn How to Visualize, Plan and Execute Meta Ad Campaigns
See Inside of Live Multi-Asset Campaigns run by Rich Ux
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Course Summary

Introducing Full-Stack Meta Ads, your definitive gateway to mastering Meta/Facebook Ads.

Our online course equips you with the complete arsenal to deliver cutting-edge, ROI-driven Facebook advertising experiences to your clients.

Immerse yourself in industry best practices and streamlined workflows to catapult campaigns to success.

This agency-grade methodology assures great outcomes for your clients, consistently.

Course Outline

  • The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing
  • The 4 M’s of Every Campaign
  • Setting up Facebook Business Manager
  • Setting up a Tracking Pixel
  • Customer Conversions and Events
  • Audience Targeting
  • Why use Facebook Ads and Not Google Ads
  • Writing a Campaign Brief
  • Campaign Visualization
  • Developing Media & Copy
  • Setup and Approval Process
  • Holy Grail Optimization
  • Ad Reporting
  • Live Campaign Review
  • Multiple Campaign Strategies

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