Full-Stack Content Maximizer

Learn how to create content for brands and influencers as a service.



6 Hours
Rich Ux
Learn Every Medium, Every Platform and Every Necessary Strategy
Understand the Power of Thought-Capital and How to Maximize Your Client's Message
Learn Critical Content Philosophy so You Can Adapt With the Changing Times
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Course Summary

Step into the world of content marketing with the Full-Stack Content Maximizer Online Course.

This comprehensive course is your gateway to a flourishing remote career in content marketing.

Master the art of content theory, understand brand guidelines, and navigate the social world of video.

The course offers an in-depth exploration of content systems, planning, and creation, equipping you with a robust content writing and editing framework.

Learn the essentials of image design, video clipping, and best practices for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok.

With this course, you won't just learn - you'll transform into a content connoisseur, ready to serve clients with your newfound skills.

Course Outline

  • Content Theory
  • What are Brand Guidelines
  • Video in a Social World
  • Intro to Content Systems
  • Content Planning
  • Content Creation Framework
  • Content Writing and Editing
  • Image Design
  • Video Clipping
  • Best Practices for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Podcasts, Linkedin and more
  • Tools discussed: Notion, Canva, Hypefury, Planoly, Descript, Publer, Veed and more.

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