Digital Marketing Consulting Essentials

Learn a powerful 9-phase framework for maximizing client value.



6 Hours
Rich Ux
Learn a bullet-proof process for offering strategic consulting and building online brands as a Digital Marketer.
Learn How to Audit, Visualize and Present Online Funnels and Marketing Campaigns to your clients.
Learn Rich Ux's Signature 9-Stage Strategic Consulting Process
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Course Summary

It's essential as a digital marketer to be paid for your ideas, creativity and strategy. That's why I created a framework for ensuring maximum results for you and your clients.

This is my signature 9-step process that allows you to be paid for all audits and strategy before you even lift a finger.

This online course will walk you though everything you need to know to start offering Digital Marketing Consulting as a service on top of your freelance skill set.

Don't delay in maximizing your earning potential. With every client, you'll reap more rewards by understanding how to properly manage your client life cycle.

Course Outline

  • Consulting Essentials
  • Pillars of Digital Marketing Consulting
  • People Platforms Tools Process
  • Client Ascension
  • Qualification
  • Strategic Inquiry
  • Auditing
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Optimizing User Experience
  • Systematic Growth
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Maintenance
  • Building a CRM
  • Using Airtable
  • Soft Skills
  • Executive Presence

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