How to Produce Content at Scale like GaryVee

Rich Ux

Let's talk about How to Produce Content at Scale just like the Content King Gary Vaynerchuk.

Like most people I am a pretty big Gary Vaynerchuk fan. I really appreciate his audacity to put out so much content on every platform.

Now the thing is, he now like 17 people working for him directly to produce that content. As someone who considered working for him I looked into how much he pays his content creators.

A pitiful $15/hour. But it makes sense. You get to learn from Gary and his entire team. You get to be immersed in the VaynerMedia culture. I actually think it's worth it for a lot of young creators to go do that. Look what's its done for David Rock aka Drock who has a nice Instagram following of his own now.

As a content producer and marketer I wanted to figure out how Gary Vee does it.

The Secret of How to Produce Content at Scale – The Pillar System

Well first of all, he uses what he calls a pillar content system. Each pillar is like a topic with a core episodic heart. Examples are DailyVee (an episodic show on YouTube following Gary around day to day) and AskGaryVee (an episodic Q&A show where he answers calls on topics he knows). Both happen at least one to two times a week. He has experimented with more but I think he realizes daily is not necessary when hes uses the Pillar system.

The pillar system creates a waterfall of content. Meaning he takes clips, memes, quotes from the core media and re-purposes them across Instagram, Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn, Podcasts and Twitter. If you watch his main shows AskGaryVee and DailyVee you'll end up hearing the same stuff on every platform. There is a lot of repetition but I don't think Gary cares because he realizes that most people only consume him on 1 or 2 platforms. Me personally, I follow him on Twitter, Instagram and I listen to the podcast almost daily.

Gary Vee Pillar Content

Pillar strategy from Gary's 4Ds program.

Many people watch him solely on YouTube. And there's plenty on Facebook as well. The point is reach. Attention is the asset. So why not take a single piece of content and put on as many platforms as possible. Because this way he positions himself as a content beast. He doesn't really care (and neither should you) whether people are bored and seeing redundant content. Because like I said, at the end of the day its about positioning himself as a master content creator and social media influencer.

Most of his podcasts are just the audio rips from the videos which often aren't even edited natively for audio, so you end of with some parts where you can't tell what's happening because you can't see the video. Most people do not care. When someone is giving great advice, sifting through a bit of unnecessary audio is a small price to pay to find the nuggets of wisdom.

Gary Vee Pillar Content

When I realized what he was doing I had already been doing something similar for most clients. My clients were producing videos for YouTube and we were helping them cut a highlight for Instagram and Stories. That's how the our Content Maximizer service was born.

Our powerful alternative to hiring 17 content creators

The Content Maximizer is basically a TeamGaryVee service done for you except You shoot the video. Which is actually good for most people because they are creative and want it done a certain way. When you have an exciting busy life like Gary you don't have time to shoot and you have enough going on that you don't care about the aesthetics that many producers do care about.

So our clients typically send us an 8-12 minute video in raw form. We provide a professional edit, a transcript, a search optimized blog post, an audio file, a short highlight video for Facebook or Instagram, and we do vertical video for stories as well which are tiny 16 second promos to promote the main pillar content. This is such a synergistic strategy. I think so many creators and businesses would get huge results using this. And because we don't have to shoot the video it remains incredibly cost-effective.

You can have that 17 person team without taking on salary or massive costs. You don't get a Drock but do you need one yet? Probably not. But you DO NEED CONTENT. Everywhere.

So if you want to start producing content at scale like GaryVee get in touch with us and we will help you deploy the Content Maximizer and get you some great results. I personally love the fact that you can dominate Google Search with strategy. I don't think there has ever been such a simple way to generate more back-links and better search rankings than spending a small amount of cash and 10 minutes a week talking about what you know. You are going to hit the long-tail keywords by default. Forget about creativity and always producing content and start dominating your niche by producing so much pillar and re-purposed content they can't ignore you.

Contact us if you want to ‘crush it'!

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    Paul @ SideGains

    Interesting piece Rich.

    I too follow GaryVee and he is audacious no doubt. That audaciousness has deterred me from even trying out a similar (though much smaller) repurposing campaign.

    However, I like that you point out that potentially worrying about what people think cross-platform doesn’t matter, since people decide what their preferred method of consuming content is and they won’t drop by all your channels to check out everything you post… unless they’re a bit creepy of course!

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