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Benefits of Community Membership

Professional Network

Access our private forum with over 500+ Digital Marketers.

Inside you'll find hundreds of useful forum posts where digital marketers from around the world are discussing how to improve their skills and earn more money.

Member Only Zoom Calls

It includes access to the Rich+Niche Community Zoom Call.

High-level keynotes presentations by Rich Ux and other exciting live call events.

Private Community Discord

This is where members find themselves to fully immerse in the community and the lifestyle.

Discord is great for discussions of all kinds and is becoming an industry standard for community building.

Private Content Vault

Find these wisdom-filled videos inside the Collective Network Replay Vault.

New Calls added monthly.

Benefits of a Premium Membership

Distinguished Username in Discord

Let the community know you are a committed Rich+Niche member with a golden username.

Access Exclusive Channels in Discord

Access exclusive channels such as Premium Q&A, Rich's Journal, Investing related channels, Web3 related channel and more.

Exclusive Discounts and Offers

Be the first to know about new product offers and get exclusive discounts found nowhere else. Get opportunities to beta-test products.

Access Premium Content Vault

Access digital marketing lab content and hundreds of other insightful content pieces.

Loyalty Bonuses

Get rewarded for maintaining an active membership with special loyalty rewards such as Notion tools & templates, 1-on-1 Coaching calls and more.

How do I join the Rich+Niche Collective Network?

Basic Membership via Masterclass Purchase

Get your Lifetime Basic Membership with the purchase of our Digital Marketing Masterclass


  • Lifetime Access to the Collective Network
  • Lifetime Access to Member's Only Zoom Calls/Classes
  • Lifetime Access to Content Archive & Video Replays
  • Lifetime Basic Membership in our Private Discord server*

*Access to the discord is only available when purchasing the Premium or Mastery option of the Digital Marketing Masterclass, not the startup option.

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Premium Membership via Monthly Subscription

Upgrade to a Premium Subscription which unlocks additional privileges, product discounts and more.


  • Distinguished Username in our Private Discord server
  • Access Exclusive Channels in our Private Discord server
  • Exclusive Discounts to new courses/tools/books
  • Access to Premium Content in the Collective Network

Loyalty Bonuses:

  • Month 2: Funnel Audits Made Easy
  • Month 4: Template Treasury
  • Month 6: 1-on-1 Call with Rich Ux
  • Month 8: Brand Builder Dashboard
  • Month 10: Commandr Pro
  • Month 12: 1-on-1 Call with Rich Ux
  • Month 18: Consulting Training Program
  • Month 24: Alumni Membership 50% Discount

Collective Network Premium Membership

Exactly What You're Getting:

1. Distinguished Username in Discord

2. Exclusive Channels Access in Discord

3. Exclusive Offers & Discounts on New Products

4. Exclusive Premium Content in the Collective Network

5. Loyalty Bonuses (See above)

6. Lock in your price as long as your a member.

Monthly Subscription

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