OUR Values + Beliefs

What motivates us to quit the 9-5
We hate useless small talk.
We hate office politics.
We hate commuting.
We hate being told what to do.
So we're taking the responsibility of our income back.


The path to quitting 9-5
We're learning high-income skills.
We're learning how to earn remotely.
We're becoming better communicators.


A new money mindset
We aren't satisfied with one source of income.
We don't just want to earn 8-hours a day or be paid just twice a month.
We want multiple sources of income, paying us around the clock, every single day.
If you're gonna spend everyday, you need to get paid everyday.
Doing business online is the only way.


We work harder than others.
But we can do so because we found Ikigai.
Our work is in alignment with our spirit.
Work seems easier to us than others.
We have no need to watch the clock.
We remain curious about our work.
Seeking answers and solving problems is our nature.


Collaborate and Integrate
Rich drives the culture and wants everything integrated.
There is no need to settle for less.
Rich's number one skill is maximization.
Everything is an optimization puzzle to him.


Inclusivity & Strength
Everyone is welcome to become a Rich+Niche tribe member.
Any age, any gender, any experience.
But weakness will not be tolerated.
We are warriors as that is what it takes to do battle as an entrepreneur.
We enjoy working until our eyes bleed.


Balanced by nature
To combat the technology and radiation
We seek refuge in the wild.
Away from machines and electric fields.
Balance is essential.
A remote lifestyle is beneficial.


The Escape Path
Learn a high-income remote skill.
No one can take your skills from you.
You can always start again. There is no fear.
Then learn how to make offers to others online.
Eventually, your job will not be worth your time.
Without a job, you should learn how to create a scalable business based on your skills.
Teach others to replace you.
Learn how to manage your money.
Use your money to make more money.
Enjoy your time.


To Our Dear Clients
We are always striving for 10X value.
Nothing is a sure thing in this game.
But our relentless testing culture provides systematic progress.
We will be transparent about costs and data.
We will protect your IP and brand reputation.
We will always represent you in a professional manner
(unless you pay us to write spicy memes).


To Our Dear Families
Please be patient with our growth.
We promise to stay focused and do what it takes.
You have to know that the beginning might be tough,
But the payoff will be worth it.
We will sacrifice what is necessary.
But don't ask us to sacrifice our fundamental freedoms.
Only the individual can decide which freedoms to give up and when.


To Our Investors
Rich, you were right to go all-in on yourself.


~May the algorithms be ever in your favor~