a deep focus community for the remote-inspired

Red Alert

The current state of media culture has nuked our attention spans.

It’s nearly impossible to get your work done without constant distraction.

And after Covid19, everyone’s lives have changed. Mindsets have never been so frazzled.

Some of us have lost clients. Some of us have had to pivot. Some of us have just been surviving.

But that hasn’t stopped us from doing everything in our power to maintain our livelihoods as freelancers and entrepreneurs…

That’s why we created the LIMITLESS Deep Focus Community at Rich+Niche.

We are hacking our time, our focus and our lifestyles so we can thrive even in chaotic times.

What Exactly is the Limitless Deep Focus Community at Rich+Niche?

It’s a community of Rich+Niche freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs that meets throughout the week on Zoom, for 3 hours of shared, quiet, focus-time.

We work together online to hold each other accountable. And it’s showing profound benefits. It’s working so well that now we’ve decided to make it a public offering.

Imagine getting twice as much done week after week.

Deep focus becomes habitual and will persist in other areas of your life. You’ll start craving focused time more often.

Each session contains 3 x 45-minute sprints with short breaks in between. Webcams are optional but highly recommended.

So what do I work on during the session?

LIMITLESS is a career and focus agnostic community. Meaning, it is open to any career type or industry and you can spend the time working on whatever you please or is a top priority for you.

Take a look at what our members are saying…


“As a solopreneur, there are some projects and tasks that feel like pulling teeth. But they MUST GET DONE. For me, one of these is video editing. Thanks to Limitless’s Pomodoro-inspired system, I recently hit my goal of editing and posting 10 Youtube videos in a month. With these sessions, it feels like I can eat that frog.” – Patrick Donabedian

“I went from overworking and feeling like I only had time for clients’ projects, to now seeing myself move closer and closer to my own most important goals. It’s like I got 8 hours of time back every week. I can’t wait till there are more focus sessions to go to!” -Stephanie Cruz


“These are the individuals I want in my corner. A community of goal-oriented life hackers who get sh*t done and help me do the same. Each Limitless session has made it easier to focus and avoid distractions while working from home. (Who knew the breathwork could help so much?) I’m officially in the zone.” -Zoë Huston

Current Schedule of Deep Focus Sessions

Monday 845am PST (Hosted by Rich Ux)

Friday 845am PST (Hosted by Rich Ux)

Okay, how do I join these sessions?

Limitless used to be open to public membership.

Limitless deep focus sessions are now included inside the Rich+Niche Academy Membership.

Are you ready to feel the effects of