Full Stack Digital Marketing: Going All-In

Rich Ux

Looking for the path to a full stack digital marketing career?

I always say the day we commit to becoming world-class full stack digital marketers is the day our income ceiling is shattered.

Never before have I seen such a skillset that allows such economical progress in such a short time.

I was literally delivering food for DoorDash just 18 months before I hit the $10000/month mark as a freelance digital marketer. It only took me just over 6 months to win my first 3 clients. Now I have 8-10 working with me at any given time. I'm quoting $100,000 proposals now.

When you become a full stack digital marketer you have unlimited potential to create, build and bring value to others.

If you make this your foremost skillset you will become incredibly valuable in the eyes of brand builders and influencers.

So I'll assume you want to know how to become a world-class full stack digital marketer but are wondering what to do – to commit yourself.

But let's just define commitment so we know what we are getting into…

Because I have this funny feeling a lot of people want the freelance lifestyle, the freedom and the income but they forget to make the commitment.

Let's say you wanted to be a professional golfer like I did when I was 16.

  • Would you play whenever you felt like it?
  • Would you hit balls twice a week at the driving range?
  • Would you practice until your hands are sore?
  • Would you invest in a coach?
  • Would you compete and test your level against the best?

You can see how the level of commitment we have can vary greatly especially when the path is not clear. The truth is sometimes we say we want something but yet our actions say otherwise.

I never became a pro golfer but I did get quite far in my junior career reaching an international competition level.

The way I see it – aim to become world-class or forget about it. It's never done me wrong to think this way.

When I wanted to go pro here it what my world-class commitment looked like:

  • I was going to the driving range 6 days a week.
  • I asked my highschool for every other afternoon off to practice (I even got credit)
  • I had 2 coaches, one for my swing the other for my mind.
  • I went to tournaments and got my ass handed to me plenty of times. Even facing some embarrassment when I played poorly and reported my results to my parents.

But now, even though I haven't played more than 2-3 times in the last DECADE, I can still whip your ass on the course any day. The skills are ingrained. The strategy is understood.

My point is that you need to go all-in if you want to even be close to world-class.

And if you really want to shatter the income ceiling then you'll need some strong momentum and confidence to smash through.

Do you want to know what will really prove your commitment as a full stack marketer?

Build a working funnel. A funnel is all the necessary components of your end-users digital experience.

For instance the core R+N Funnel components are:

  1. YouTube Traffic Source
  2. Blog Traffic Source
  3. 12-Point Funnel Checklist Lead Magnet PDF
  4. Online Course Pre-Launch List Email Optin
  5. Email Capture Landing Pages
  6. Email autoresponders
  7. Retargeting Ads
  8. Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Tracking

The goal is to be able to send and observe traffic flowing through your funnel and the major conversion points: email optins, email activity, retargeting ads and purchase KPIs.

At the end of the day Digital Marketing boils down to TRAFFIC AND CONVERSIONS. Those are the only two major pillars and they both must be served.

If you can master Traffic, Conversions and the Funnels that upholds those two pillars you are set. This will transfer for many years forward.

How do you get started as a full stack digital marketer Today?

First, Download my 12-point checklist here and start building out a funnel.

You start with a domain and hosting. I use Namecheap.

Then start building the basic web pages to maintain your funnel: squeeze page & thank you page. Everything else is secondary.

The squeeze page is to drive action and capture emails.

The thank you page provides delivery of the lead magnet and also provides conversion tracking.

If you don't have one then develop your lead magnet so you can attract your target user. Integrate that with Mailchimp or your preferred email software.

Work on your copywriting and get your analytics tracking setup.

Then work on generating traffic with blog posts (hard), YouTube (moderate) or Paid Ads (easy). What makes blog posts hard is that they need to rank amongst all other related articles on Google to see any traffic. People need to realize traffic doesn't just come from nowhere. People are looking for specific content and they find it through search.

YouTube is easier because there is way less competition in most niches. Yet it's still a massive search engine.

And paid ads is basically a traffic faucet, but the cost reduces your margin and if you don't know what you are doing this can be costly real quick.

So many ask “Rich, how do I reach my goal of becoming a FULL STACK digital marketer?”

You need to be building funnels. You need to create “campaigns” which are end-to-end marketing programs that can be repeated. Don't do things you can only do once.

The power of digital is duplication, iteration and optimization.

And if you want to be a FULL STACK digital marketer then you also need to up your content creation game.

Text, images, videos and audios. These 4 mediums can be learned and mastered and add a dramatic increase to your income.

Now the brand can come to you for both media AND distribution AND the funnel that holds it all together – $$$.

Could you imaging just being a FB Ads specialist? That's like saying I am going to be a Red Ink Printing Press Specialist. And then imagine that in the modern era where shit changes on a monthly basis.

Facebook could be dead in 2 years along with that specialization. I don't believe in that path and I never did. I started with web and content. I proved I could get organic traffic. I proved funnels didn't need money to start them up.

And here I am today. I never had a month that wasn't profitable. That's whats amazing about this is that despite the massive reward at the end of the tunnel, the barrier is so low and so is the risk factor.

Yes it will be hard work. Yes it will take time. But money or previous education are not necessary. Which is fantastic because that means we can all play.

But if we can all play, then there will be more competition – hence why I bolster my skills with the full stack so I can stand out and sustain this career path.

So are you in? Are you going to commit? Will you do what it takes to live forever without a boss or without an income ceiling? I did and I couldn't be happier.


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