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Digital Marketing Training Academy

Learn the #1 Skill for Entrepreneurs in Just 12 Weeks.

“The only goal is to be free.”


Hi, I'm Rich your instructor.

I'm a world-class digital marketer and business developer. I created Rich + Niche as a vehicle for me to fulfill my mission to help people like you find freedom and success through digital marketing.

My vision includes co-working hubs around the world housing our agency team as well as travellers and entrepreneurs. I want to support the future of remote work.

I have been location independant for 5 years living the digital nomad life in places such as Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Coast of British Columbia and more.

For me, the only goal is to be free. I make my life choices based on living and feeling true freedom. That's why I chose digital marketing as my craft. And that's why I've done many other things in my life. Freedom.

By joining the digital marketing academy you'll learn the modern digital marketing practices, strategies and systems that I personally use to operate my remote digital agency and serve my digital marketing clientele while living abroad.

Here's What I'll teach you During the 12-Week Program:


Learning outcome #1

You’ll Learn How to Market, Brand and Promote Any Business from a World-Class Digital Marketer

I will teach you how to have a high-level marketing mindset that allows you to improve the branding and marketing effects of any business. We will dive into the fundamentals of digital marketing as it operates today.


Learning outcome #2

You’ll Learn the 12 Critical Elements to Every Successful Funnel and How to Apply it to Any Business Model

Learn how all 12 elements work with each other to form a high-powered sales funnel which takes cold traffic and turns it into warm leads and eager buyers. I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a website and funnel designed to sell. This knowledge is what clients pay a lot for because if you can spot a leak in a funnel you can improve sales and profits.


Learning outcome #3

You’ll Learn How To Master and Develop Traffic Acquisition Strategies for Any Platform

Understanding traffic acquisition is a skill that allows you to attract ideal prospects and leads to your business at a very low cost relative to classic marketing budgets. This is why so many entrepreneurs exist today because anyone can sell online using organic traffic methods that are zero-to-low-cost. You’ll learn how to do just that so that every project or business you work on will garner attention and web traffic.


Learning outcome #4

You’ll Learn the Art and the Science of Conversion Rate Optimization

Once your funnel is completed you begin the process of conversion rate optimization which slowly but surely improves the conversion rates at key points in your sales process. Learning how to do this allows you to systematically improve the results of any web based business. Technology and data tools are what allows for this science to be developed.


Learning outcome #5

You’ll Learn How to Create, Execute and Analyze a Marketing Campaign from Start to Finish

You’ll learn the complete process to creating a marketing strategy and campaign for a real-world business. Project management tools and tips. You’ll also learn how to communicate with clients throughout the project lifespan should you be helping others with your digital marketing skills.

Over 36 Hours of Live Training

Total Program Value: $10,000

Freelance digital marketers can work from any city with wifi and a laptop.

Training Program Roadmap


Digital Asset Development

  • Digital Marketing + Business Theory
  • Brand Building in 2019
  • Personal Project Development


Websites + Funnels

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Sales Funnel Design + Implementation
  • Copywriting + Offer Design


Organic Traffic Acquisition

  • Search Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing


Paid Traffic Acquisition

  • FB Ads
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Buying


Conversion Optimization

  • Email Marketing
  • Understanding Data + Analytics
  • Split-testing


Project Management

  • Organizational tools
  • Client Management
  • Media Management


Throughout this course students will have the chance to build a website, setup an email list, write copy, create content and much more.

By enrolling in the course you will be given a free domain and and wordpress website to work on if you don't already have one. We will host it on the R+N private server.

Each student will be expected to complete their weekly assignments on-time in order to recieve a graducation certificate.

Course Details

Next Course Date: Every Tuesday, Jan. 8 to Mar 26th 2019.

Class starts at 5pm PST and runs about 3 hours with a short dinner break.

Take the course from the comfort of your own home on any device via Zoom conference calls. Laptop or desktop recommended.

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1 Payment of $1795 (Save $290)

The Live Private Training Program Where I, Rich Get On a Zoom Call With You To Train You Every Single Week for 12-Weeks Straight ($10000 Value)

BONUS #1: Includes domain name purchase and web hosting for wordpress and email for 1 year ($250 Value)

BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to Live Classes, Knowledge Base and Resources  ($5000 Value)

BONUS #3: Lifetime Access to A Private FB Group With Latest Digital Marketing Gigs (Priceless)


3 Easy Monthly Payments of $695