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Learn How to Design, Build and Optimize Lead Generating Marketing Funnels for Brands and Influencers.

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Course Overview

Build your first lead gen funnel
A foundational Digital Marketing course for freelancers focused on lead magnet development & lead generation.

Develop a skill you can sell to others
Once you complete the course you can sell lead generation services to other businesses for substantial fees.

Increase confidence in digital marketing foundations
This course offers a complete agency-level process with video guidance for every step.

What's inside

areas of focus

Digital Marketing Theory

This course will illuminate some of the most profound marketing theories and apply them to today's standards.

Funnel Design

The process of deciding the exact touch points the user will experience on their online customer journey.

Funnel Setup

Building the pages and technology required to create a fully-functional lead generation marketing funnel.

Lead Magnet Design

Determining lead magnet content and the process of creating a high-quality PDF.

Email Automation

Email marketing automation setup and integration with your lead magnet and Wordpress funnel.


You'll learn copywriting for landing pages and how to generate direct response leads.

Funnel Optimization

The process of creating systematic improvements to a website to improve long-term conversion rates.

Funnel Analytics

Track user data on your funnel so that you can gain insights and take action to optimization your funnel.

Project Managment

Stay organized throughout your projects with the right tools and systems.

Designed by a marketer for marketers, our Brand Builder workbook will make life easy.

You'll be getting access to high quality client-project development worksheets that you can use to walk yourself through the entire funnel & brand building process.

Unlock Your True Potential With Modern Digital Marketing Skills


This program helped me attract 7 new clients and a huge brand gig.

Quiana Beckham
New York, USA


This program helped me move into a better job and increase my salary by 34%.

Ben Renolds‍


This is the best course I've ever taken. It set me on a path that I could never have imagined.

Zoe Tabetha
‍California, USA


I joined a $5000 digital marketing course and Rich's program is much better.

Jessica Davis
San Fransisco, USA


After taking this course I was able to transition into a consultant which is a major milestone in my life.

C.D. Oro
Manila, Philippenes


Rich's courses helped me land a 60k job right out of college as well as freelance gigs.

Chris Chan
Chicago, USA


I quit my job and used Rich's courses and guidance to earn remote income.

Daniel Lardizabal
Manila, Philippenes


Not a moment is wasted in this comprehensive course. I'm blown away by what Rich created.

Brooke Simon
Omaha, USA


Rich Ux is the most helpful person I've ever met.

Anastasia Shtamina
Abbotsford, Canada


This course helped me start closing $5k+ deals selling funnels and quizzes.

Adam Timander
Stockholm, Sweden


Learn How to Design, Build and Optimize Lead Generating Marketing Funnels for Brands and Influencers.

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Meet Your Instructor Rich Ux

Hi, I'm Rich UX, Founder and Head Instructor of Rich+Niche Academy.

I help new marketers develop unstoppable skillsets giving them them futureproof confidence and more freedom in their lifestyles,

I have extensive education and experience in the areas of media, marketing, philosophy, law, investing and RTS games.

I have travelled the world as a freelance marketer and content creator for 5+ years.

My Clifton Strengths #1 skill is Maximization. This is what makes me great at digital marketing.

I'm excited to be showing you the path to becoming a great freelance marketer and consultant.

See you inside,

Rich Ux

May the Algorithms be ever in your favor~~