Want to fast-track your remote career in digital marketing without spending thousands of dollars and four years on a degree?

Did you know...
That the Rich+Niche Academy is training students better and faster than any other digital marketing degree or certification out there?

We use a combination of up-to-date online courses, interactive community areas, and weekly Zoom calls to provide you the highest level education and support.

Stop struggling to put the pieces together. Learn systems that work. Learn from other remote digital marketers.

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Have you decided that a remote career is for you?
That going back to a traditional 9-5 is not going to work?

Welcome to the club. If you haven't gone remote yet, you need to keep reading.

My name is Rich Ux, CEO, founder and lead instructor of RichandNiche.com - the #1 Community-based Digital Marketing Academy.

I created Rich+Niche (Prounounced Rich and Neesh) because I want people to have good work that can be done remotely.

I want people to work where they want and when they want.

Everyone deserves good work and my mission is to make it easier to start freelancing and consulting.

Being able to design your life without the constraint of location is essential to reaching your highest potential.

I myself became unemployable about 10 years ago after discovering the world of making money online.

Despite graduating from Law School, I persued digital marketing as a career field and have never regretted it for a second.

If you do the math...it takes 7 years of post-secondary schooling and another 5 years as a jr. lawyer to crack 100k.

But I cracked six figures in my second year of freelance digital marketing without any major investment in training or tools. I started from absolute zero. No network either. It can be done and I'm not the only one doing it, many students have followed my footsteps.

Are you thinking you want to do the same? Do you want to become a digital marketer who can work remotely? You're in luck.

Introducing the...

Full-Stack digital marketing masterclass

For the freelancers, brand builders, and future digital marketing consultants of the world who want to work remotely.

Key benefits

Work remotely. Be future-proof.
  • The only program in the world to teach “Full Stack” digital marketing without massive tuition fees or countless months of opportunity cost.
  • If you desire to become a freelancer or consultant, or even get a nice pay bump at work - this is the program for you.
  • This program includes 5 transformative online courses. 24/7 community support. You will have everything you need to learn the most critical elements of digital marketing and modern online business building.
  • Studying at Rich+Niche will help you develop multiple REMOTE-CAPABLE, high-income skills that are so transferable and applicable that you will never be without opportunities as you carry through life.
  • Become a master of Funnels, Ads, Content, and then become a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Case Study 1 - Dan Lardi from Phillipenes

Case Study 2 - Qui Beckham from NYC

Case Study 3 - Abhi from Ghana

Case Study 4 - Adam Timander

Who is this Masterclass for?

The future digital marketers and consultants of this world.
Problem solvers, Action takers, Brand builders.
People who enjoy how media works.
People who enjoy challenging work.

What's included in the Full Stack Digital Marketing Masterclass:

Full Stack Marketing Funnels

Learn How to Design, Build and Optimize Lead Generating Marketing Funnels for Brands and Influencers

Full Stack Facebook Ads

Learn How to Plan, Visualize + Execute Winning Advertising Campaigns for Brands or Influencers.

Full Stack Content Maximizer

Learn How to Plan, Create and Distribute High-Quality Content for Brands and Influencers

Digital Marketing Consulting Essentials

Learn How to Audit, Strategize and Present Online Funnels and Marketing Campaigns to your clients.

No-Code Web Developer

Learn how to develop WordPress and Webflow websites without any coding experience.

These courses cover 85% of the most critical elements of digital marketing and will provide hundreds of insights that you won't find on YouTube.

By enrolling in this course. at this time next year you will very likely:

Have a professional website.
Be way more skilled in many new areas.
Building websites, funnels, creating content.
Building massive confidence.
Getting your first clients under your belt.
Please note: Individual results are not guaranteed.
Your individual effort in building a career will be required.
Do not take this course if you think it’s a magic pill.


This program helped me attract 7 new clients and a huge brand gig.

Quiana Beckham
New York, USA


This program helped me move into a better job and increase my salary by 34%.

Ben Renolds‍


This is the best course I've ever taken. It set me on a path that I could never have imagined.

Zoe Tabetha
‍California, USA


I joined a $5000 digital marketing course and Rich's program is much better.

Jessica Davis
San Fransisco, USA


After taking this course I was able to transition into a consultant which is a major milestone in my life.

C.D. Oro
Manila, Philippenes


Rich's courses helped me land a 60k job right out of college as well as freelance gigs.

Chris Chan
Chicago, USA


I quit my job and used Rich's courses and guidance to earn remote income.

Daniel Lardizabal
Manila, Philippenes


Not a moment is wasted in this comprehensive course. I'm blown away by what Rich created.

Brooke Simon
Omaha, USA


Rich Ux is the most helpful person I've ever met.

Anastasia Shtamina
Abbotsford, Canada


This course helped me start closing $5k+ deals selling funnels and quizzes.

Adam Timander
Stockholm, Sweden

Rich and Niche Academy Inc. was established in 2020.

We currently have over 330 members in our community network.

Do you have certification?
No. If we were to get certified we would not be able to update the course materials as easily.
Will we learn how to get clients?
Although we do share lots of info and stories about getting clients, that is not the single focus of any of the courses. The programs focus on skill development. But don’t worry, we talk about this all the time on our community calls and inside the additional content you’ll find inside the community area. So have no fear, our students learn how to access their first clients and then springboard from there into a full-time freelance career if they choose.
Do I need to invest a lot of money besides this program?
No, we give you all the info and also a WordPress training environment that will allow you to practice most of what we teach. You may need a few tools along the way but nothing major in the learning phase. We teach you how to get your clients to pay for the tools you need.

What you’re walking away with today when you purchase the Full Stack Digital Marketing Masterclass:

5 World-Class Digital Marketing Online Courses:
Full Stack Marketing Funnels (Value $749)
Full Stack Facebook Ads (Value $97)
Full Stack Content Maximizer (Value $297)
Digital Marketing Consulting Essentials (Value $597)
No-Code Web Developer (Value $97)
BONUS: Lifetime access to the Collective Network (Valued at $1200)
BONUS: Commandr Pro - Notion Templates and Project Management Training (Valued at $297)
Total Value - $3334
Today's Price - $997
Two Payment Options: 2x $550 or a One-Time Payment of $997. Own the content for life. No subscriptions, just a one-time investment.
This offer is available for a limited time only.

Money Back Guarantee

Digital products can be scary to buy. Hey, they can be scary to sell as well.You’re worried about the value. I’m worried you’ll steal everything and ask for a refund.

So here’s the deal:You have a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. That should be enough time for you to open the courses and visit the community areas.

If these course materials do not meet your satisfaction please request a full refund from our support team.There are no guarantees on your personal results from the program, only your satisfaction with the course materials and overall learning experience.

There is no refund for simply wanting to quit the program. Only if you feel the materials do no live up to their description here on this page. You must share the reason for your refund so we can rectify they problem and improve the overall customer experience.

Your journey to remote income begins here.
We are training the world’s best digital marketers and you can be one of them.
Unlock the entire Full-Stack Digital Marketing Masterclass now!

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