commandr pro

A Notion Based Business System Built for Freelance Marketers

The entire Rich+Niche business model has been built into an easy-to-use Notion workspace so you can start operating your business today.

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An all-in-one business management system designed by Rich Ux.

Notion has been a blessing for Marketers, but COMMANDR Pro is a dream come true.

COMMANDR Pro allows you to stay consistent, stay organized and realize your entrepreneurial potential.

With every major digital marekting template at your fingertips, combined with a brilliantly designed CRM system, freelancing has never been easier.

benefits of using commandr pro

  1. Manage your freelance marketing clients with ease
  2. Scope and price out your project with just a few clicks
  3. Build out contracts and fill in with ease
  4. Instantly populate high-powered client dashboards
  5. Instantly see all projects & tasks across all clients
  6. Gain full control of your digital marketing business

it's not just a notion template, it's a business-in-a-box.

Powerful Client CRM

The most powerful CRM you've ever seen.

9 Project Scope Lists

Every major digital marketing project outlined, priced and scoped.

Client Account Board

See high-level client intel and document mangagement.

Discovery Call Template

Breeze through qualification calls with your prospects.

Brand Info Dashboards

Maintain consistency with complete brand identity and info management boards.

Strategic Development Tools

The exact tools we use to complete our consulting delivery.

Brand Identity Dev Kit

Transform your brand identity with a high-powered questionnaire.

Content Management System

Keep client content hyper-organized and easy to schedule.

Thought Capital Framework

Blast through content development with this super efficient framework.

Commandr pro

A Notion business system for freelance marketers.

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  • COMMANDR Pro Complete System
  • One-Click Duplicate Notion Template System
  • Onboarding video training series