You record.
We edit, output + distribute.

If you are capable of shooting short videos this service will radically enhance your online reach and business results.

The Rich + Niche ‘Content Maximizer' system was developed out of a need to take our own video content and repurpose it into other formats for major social platforms.

We are content creators by trade. We have now developed a world-class editing system that is so economical every business should consider hiring us to supplement their content output.


This could save you a lot of time and change what's possible in your business.

We understand that most businesses don't have the time or resources to shoot video AND do all of the post-production typically needed for proper distribution of online content.

So we've developed a system that takes the tedious task of editing, polishing and exporting content out of your hands so you can focus on what matters – your message.


Did you realize that when you record a video you can also:

  • Turn it into an audio file or podcast
  • Transcribe it and turn it into a blog post
  • Cut it down into smaller 30-60s ‘promo' content pieces
  • Remix it down the road

That could mean a lot more traffic for your business without a massive investment in time, knowledge or equipment.

What does the Content Maximizer process look like?

  • Shoot + Upload

    You shoot a 10-15 minute video and upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive. You use our content uploader to send your link and file notes.

  • Edit + Branding

    We download your raw file and edit it to your specifics. We add branding requirements and watermarks if needed. We can customize many components of this process.

  • Export + Review

    We export the fileset you requested repurposing the main video into the necessary forms. Content should feel native to the platform. We review for quality assurance.

  • Delivery + Feedback

    We upload your files to WeTransfer and send it your way to download and publish at your convienence. There is a feedback form for you to rate the edit and send comments.

It's ridiculously economical on purpose.

We keep your costs low by leaving the creativity to you while we do the basic editing tasks.

By making it a systematic process you get consistent work produced month after month.

Here's what a typical invoice looks like:


The service is completely a la carte. Only receive what you want.

But the more you repurpose your content the more you get out of it.

Content is King. Content is Currency.

Whatever the catch phrase is this year doesn't matter, but putting out lots of high-quality content does.

It's the #1 move for businesses today to establish more credibility, authority and a customer-raving brand.

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