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What is content marketing and why do you need it?

We're living in the modern times, the information era, 2018.

Content marketing is absolutely critical for you and your business. Many users have become completely ad blind, they naturally ignore advertisements whether they're using a physical ad blocker on their browser or whether they're simply not seeing it because their eye has trained them not to look in the key advertising areas typically on the right side of the sidebar you know to the right side of a blog post

We don't really see ads anymore. Even things like Google AdWords and Facebook ads are showing lower and lower conversion rates as time goes on.

Content Marketing Statistic

People don't like to be sold to, people like value, and because some companies are doing this so well it's actually training customers and users to appreciate those brands even more and disrespect the brand's who are still using traditional methods of advertising and marketing.

So what does content marketing mean to a busienss operator in 2018?

It means you and your business are putting out pieces of media without the immediate desire to sell but rather to brand. You are putting out a blog, a video, or a podcast to bring awareness to your company to discuss something relevant to what you offer: products and services. Doing so will have a positive effect on your brand image.

Content Marketing Statistic

Why is this so effective? Well it brings a lot of value to your customer. Let's say you sell digital cameras. The standard content marketing strategy would to be show someone using that camera in a lifestyle situation or in a business situation and have no desire to sell that camera but just let people know that that's the camera being used.

So you integrate modern media with the intent to bring awareness to your product or service. Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing and when we say inbound it means it brings the customer to us. We're not going to them. We're not pushing advertisements in their face. We're not disrupting a magazine editorial with an advertisement. We're not disrupting a TV show with a commercial. We're not cold calling or cold emailing.

We're putting out media designed to attract the attention of our target market and that's very critical for content marketing. If you don't know who your target market is then you don't know which keywords to focus on and you don't know what copywriting to use, you don't know what marketing message to ultimately underlie that piece of media.

Knowing your target market is the most essential aspect of content marketing.

If we're going to attract people to us through inbound marketing we absolutely have to know who we want to attract. We can't just put out vague media anymore and that's really the power of the Internet. That's the power of Facebook, that's the power of Instagram, that's the power of YouTube.

We put out very specific pieces of media that we know our user would be interested in watching because the media itself likely solves a problem and it gives them the idea that the product and service behind the marketing behind the content could be very useful.

It's absolutely essential that you use content marketing now for every business. It really doesn't matter what you do, even if you're a coffee shop relying on walk-in traffic it's essential that you set yourself apart from the other coffee shops in the area through brand building content.

Putting out brand content is not selling, it's a big difference and the best brands in the world right now are going all-in on content marketing and essentially they're becoming a media company as well as what they already do.

Why would you want to do this? The number one reason is because you can dominate the conversation in your industry or your niche. Dominating the conversation immediately puts you as the authoritative brand if you're putting out the most high-quality media in your industry whether you're in automobiles, investments, jewelry, fashion, it doesn't matter.

If you put out the most high-quality media you're gonna be able to position yourself in the customer's mind as one of the best brands to work with. That's really as simple as it gets.

So what should you be doing if you are interested in content marketing?

You should immediately begin making articles articles on your website. Articles are the fastest way to get organic search traffic through Google. I've built so many businesses through basic article marketing and one of the secrets to article marketing is obviously SEO. How do you optimize an article so that when someone is searching for a longtail keyword your article is going to rank high.

People know by now (and anyone who's in digital marketing) that the top three listings in Google get all the traffic. You rarely get traffic if you're on the second, third or fourth page and even at the bottom of the page because now, not only do you have the top three organic rankings, you're also now surrounded by all the people who are paying for Google Adwords next to you.

Now why would someone pay for an ad if they can do content marketing for free?

Well there's a trade-off. Paid ads which aren't really a form of content marketing, they're a form of advertising, direct response, they are pay to play. You purchase an ad, you pay-per-click and it's done. The traffic comes in when you turn the money on and the traffic stops when you turn the money off.

That's the beauty of content marketing you can put out a piece in 2018 and it might continue to sell for you for the next three, four or five years. The more evergreen your content, the more valuable it is.

Here's the difference: making great content either takes a lot of time or money. And obviously there's gonna be someone who has a lot of skill involved.

How to get started with content Marketing

You're either gonna have to hire someone externally to come produce the content for you or you're gonna have to learn to do it yourself. That's the great part about it though, you can learn to do it by yourself. Great media doesn't mean million dollar cameras or million dollar sets. Or even five-thousand dollar budgets. It might mean that but it doesn't have to.

You can begin with your iPhone or your Android phone. The quality is good enough to get started and that's really the most important thing that you and your company gets started with content marketing. If you don't get started you'll never get good. Whether it's getting good at production as a technical skilled operator or whether it's getting good at production as an outsourcer.

Your hundredth video is going to be so much better than your first video. The great thing about content is that there's so many great things it gives you so much feedback so quickly so you can really test the reactions of your audience of your customer base. Content is something you can send out on your email list. Content is something you can put out on your website.

But really what you want to be doing with content is putting it on the major social media platforms – that's where all the attention is. The attention is in the mobile phone. The attention is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes podcasts, that's where you should be putting your content.

How we deploy Content Marketing for our Clients

That's why one of the most popular services we offer is the Content Maximizer where we get the client to make the video. Then we re-purpose it for every channel in a different native format. It's just really powerful.

It's not about becoming a successful YouTuber, it's not about becoming the top business podcast, it's about putting out as much high-quality media as you can afford to because that's the way you draw in clients. That's the way you build the magnetic aura around your business that pulls in your ideal customer. If you constantly have to cold call and cold email you're always in a position of desperation you're always in a position of asking.

When you put out the best content in the world, when your pictures are the best, when your videos are the best, when your articles are top-notch, people come to you. They see you as an authority and you can even get more advanced. You can publish a book or a manual or a white paper. some more high-end bottom of the funnel content.

Different Content for Different parts of the Sales Funnel

If you're running a business you have to recognize that you want different content at different parts of your sales funnel. When you're at the top of the sales funnel you're focusing on awareness so you want more broad educational content.

When you're in the middle of the funnel you're talking about interest and consideration you need eBooks, white papers, webinars. Powerful convincing media and then of course as you get to that bottom of the funnel even more advanced really detailed sales driven videos.

I know I said that content shouldn't sell but when you're in a business landscape you do want to have different tiers, different styles of content for where your customer is in their user experience in their sales funnel position.

I can't recommend getting into content marketing enough and I believe we're only at the beginning. I've had so much success with content marketing in my career, far more than Facebook ads, far more than any sort of traditional digital marketing, I mean it's such a broad term but content marketing specifically to me is really the future, because the future of human attention is going to be in the mobile phone.

Therefore whoever has the attention in the mobile phone, whoever's videos are being watched, whoever's blogs are being read, whoever's podcasts are being listened to are going to have all the leverage.

Let me give you one more tip on top of content marketing.

It's the integration of influencer marketing because then you can rely on pure content creators. Influencers are people who have already obtained an audience, they can do the selling on your behalf.

They can create the content on your behalf you don't have to spend all the time and money in the production. You hand that off to them and let them represent your brand. I highly recommend your business creates an ambassador program of four to six influencers between 50,000 and a million followers on Instagram and YouTube. Give them a lot but let them run with it. Let them represent your brand.

Now obviously you're going to have to vet them. Obviously you're going to have to make sure they can stay on brand guidelines and maybe you have to quality assure the content they're creating before it goes out but if you can find someone you can trust, and I guarantee you they're out there, they could bring immense value to your business.

So instead of spending five, ten, fifteen-thousand dollars on a video with someone like myself to produce it. Go get someone like my wife who's a social-media influencer get her huge audience to sell for you. Let her put out some pieces of media for you on your behalf using her methodologies you don't even have to think about production you just think about is her audience right for my business? That's what you have to figure out. Figure out which influencer overlaps with your target audience the best.

Content Marketing Statistic

How to find the right Influencer for your Content Marketing Plan

You might even have to go ask them – what are some of your demographics? We'd like to open the discussion with you on having some brand integration are you open to having our cigar, our cell phone case, our t-shirt, are you opening to representing a product like that? And what would you be looking for in return? Obviously we could provide you some financial compensation. We could provide you with free unlimited products. And for some businesses you actually want to give up equity if you don't have any revenue coming in.

Influencers can create revenue. That one post on Instagram could change the entire outcome of your business. One great video on YouTube could change the entire year for you and it could be so results-oriented.

People ask how do I know the ROI of this sort of stuff?

Well you put out a piece of media.

At the end of the media you have a call to action to learn more.

On that call to action you use a specific domain or a specific link.

You track that link into your e-commerce sales, into your walk ins to your store, into your brand mentions, whatever is you're after and you sort of get an idea of wow this is very powerful.

This piece of media brought in X dollars, X traffic, Y email signups, Y leads, whatever. it is you're looking for. Content is going to be the answer. It's no surprise that the people who put up the most content are having the most success.

That's why I launched Rich + Niche to teach people about this.

I've been digital marketing for five years, I've been producing videos for 20 years, I've written books, articles, I've started podcasts for other people and my single biggest piece of advice is to master the art of content marketing by

For me building this company Rich + Niche it's going to be a fantastic Academy for business owners, for content creators, for people who actually want to turn media into abundance. turn media into money.

Content is the new currency. Content is what's going to take your business to the next level so get started today.

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