How brand content reduces customer acquisition costs

Rich Ux

Let's get something straight…

The more people know, like and trust you or your brand, the easier it is to get them to open their wallets. And as a business getting people to open their wallets for the first time is called customer acquisition.

That first transaction is often the hardest and is the reason why companies spend so much on acquisition. A customer can be worth so much more than the cost of acquisition if nurtured correctly we call that number lifetime customer value (LTV).

How brand content reduces customer acquisition costs

Every business has a customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Whether you know this number down to the penny or just have a rough guesstimate…it exists. As a business owner it's always a good thing when we can bring this CAC number down; it means we can get more customers for the same-sized marketing budget.

It also means higher profits as long as LTV says the same.


Focus your efforts on the top 3 social platforms

These days so many of our potential customers are enjoying and consuming content on their smartphones and devices visiting social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In order to get their attention we need to be creative and upload high-quality content to these monster-attention driven platforms.

We also need to brand our content so our target audience can associate content with our brand or products. With branding comes quality and consistency as well. These are very important to content consumers.

Great brand content promotes authenticity, connection and emotional engagement.

Brand content helps customers:

  • get to know you and your products or services.
  • develop a likeness towards your brand due to the high-value they recieve from your content
  • develop higher trust with you and your brand because of the added transparency that content brings.

So no matter what you are selling, offering or sharing…Great brand content will help your target audience develop awareness, affinity and trust with your brand.

This is how brand content will lower your customer acquisition costs.

By building relationships with your prospects even before they see your offers.

So now that you know, what are you going to do about it?


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