The best future-proof skill that doesn’t require a degree.

Rich Ux

I've been looking for the best future-proof skill since I realized we are living in a tech explosion.

I think anyone can resonate with the fact that times are changing fast and having an understanding of what the best future-proof skill is will be advantageous.

As with any rational decision-maker, I want to reduce risk and prevent discomfort.

My main fears have been:

  1. A dramatic market shift that makes my business irrelevant (See Remote Work 2020)
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over entire sectors (See transcription industry)
  3. Death by inflation and not being able to keep up (See 6 trillion dollar stimulus 2020)

After evaluating the options and actually experiencing several lifestyles, mindsets, and expectations, I found the best future-proof skill to be Freelance Digital Marketing & Consulting.

Working outdoors on iPad.

There's simply nothing more future-proof than a full suite of digital marketing skills.

Digital Marketing is a fancy word for selling things online, and selling is timeless.

And it's all very clear that digital is here to stay.

When it comes to digital marketing, There's both an art and science to the work. Creativity and logic intertwined for the sake of selling.

When you compare freelance digital marketing & digital marketing consulting to other jobs they always outperform on many key factors.

Before I give you the reasons why…

Take a moment to consider what it would take for you to declare something the best future-proof skill. What are your rating factors?

Consider how our fears are mostly about the unclear future. How important is that clarity when it comes to choosing a career skill set?

  • I need to know that I can keep my family safe.
  • I need to know that I can earn enough and without any location-based attachment which I believe is important to keep my family safe.
  • I need to know that I can't be replaced by a computer over-night. That some SAAS product isn't making me irrelevant.
  • And although this isn't critical, I need engaging work. No one does well doing the same boring activities over and over.

Now that you can see my framework, let's take a look at why Digital Marketing is the best future-proof skill.

Rich Ux talking on his smartphone. Developing the best future-proof skill there is.

The work is all remote-capable.

Remote-capable means you can move if you want to. You aren't tied to a city or job locale. This is super advantageous for so many reasons.

It is common to have clients whom you've never met in person. Everyone in digital marketing just works remotely and connects via the many online communication tools we have available such as Slack, Zoom, and Yac (check this out later).

Remote capability is simply a massive benefit and makes any skill set more future-proof because it is more flexible.

Rich Ux on ipad and iphone trying to develop the best future-proof skill

Digital Marketing is very dynamic work.

No two projects are exactly alike because you're working with people and brands. Even if you have a niche, it's still the case.

It's important to have work that is not monotonous. Our energy and interest run in cycles. They are in flux. It's nice to keep your work fresh and dynamic and digital marketing does this nicely especially when we get some of our own projects going.

Marketing is the best future-proof skill based industry and Rich Ux demonstrates it here.

It's a career defensible against AI.

It's still a very creative job that requires a little personality. So much could go wrong if you cede control of your marketing to AI.

I'm so confident that an AI cannot replace me. As you begin to overlap your skill sets you obtain something irreplaceable – a unique personal brand quality.

The human will greatly outperform AI in marketing for decades to come.

AI will struggle to replace humans in this area for a long time to come.

Accounting, Legal, HR, Transporting, Machine Operations, are all industries that will be haunted by AI takeovers.

Looking upwards while flying a drone.

As a digital marketer, you have no income ceiling.

Digital marketing is one of the few jobs that is highly entrepreneurial. Because you work in the world of creating customers, you have a great understanding of the nature of business.

Typically, it is only entrepreneurs who can remove the income ceiling, so this is good news!

Digital marketing unlocks so many new income streams and revenue sources. It's almost impossible to fail at life once you truly have a grasp of what digital marketing is and can do for you.

  • You can earn big from clients.
  • You can invest in your own brands.
  • You can create content and sell ads.
  • You can earn affiliate commissions.
  • You can start your own eCommerce store.
  • You can become an influencer on social media.
  • You can promote a community cause.
  • You can help your family grow their business too.


How awesome is all that? But there are even more reasons why it's the best future-proof skill…


Maybe you think there is some massive barrier to entry to having the best future-proof skill? There isn't.

It doesn't require coding. Everything is drag-and-drop now.

It doesn't require startup capital. Seriously, you can just start with a few simple (and often free) tools.

It doesn't require any form of degree or certification. This is such a biggie for so many. You can skip all that if you want to learn digital marketing. Trust me, no school can teach what is happening in modern digital marketing.

If you have a smartphone or a computer you can start the journey to developing this powerful future-proof skill.


I'm serious. This is the career for many who haven't made up their minds.

If you want to develop this future-proof skill start thinking about these key areas:

  1. Customers Journeys: How do customers go from strangers to supporters?
  2. Lead Generation: Building funnels and capturing emails. Creating customers is critical.
  3. Project Management: Stay organized, stay focused, hit your goals.
  4. Communication: Working with clients is harder than having a manager. You'll need to sharpen up your writing, talking, and presenting.
  5. Content Creation: Either you or your clients are producing content. This is the real barrier to entry in modern online business. Content leads to audiences which are proving invaluable.


Conclusion: Digital Marketing is the best future-proof skill to develop as of 2021 if you don't have a degree or any startup capital.

I hope this article has enlightened you to the importance of learning Digital Marketing now and applying it to a life-long future-proof career.

If you want to develop this skill fast check our the best digital marketing online courses in the world.

If you are just getting started watch this video: How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant.


~~May the algorithms be ever in your favor~~


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