Are you ready to master the art+science of digital marketing and online brand building?

Rich+Niche Academy Membership

An incubator for freelance marketers and brand builders.

Rich Ux
Founder of Rich+Niche

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled learning experience when it comes to Digital Marketing and Brand Building.

Via interactive lectures and live labs every week, plus industry-leading educational resources, we can help people transform their skillset and career faster than they ever thought possible.

What's Included in Your Academy Membership

Interactive Brand Building Lectures by Rich Ux

It starts with weekly interactive lectures. We’re studying brand building, digital marketing, culture hacking. High-level, philosophical, insightful. You’ll be asked to participate in the chat while Rich is lecturing. Take notes. Absorb from the master. Lectures run at Tuesdays 5pm PST.

Traffic & Conversions Funnel Design Labs

After lecture comes labs. Two weekly one-hour labs are high-impact and designed to help you remove the obstacles you have in your way by working side by side with Rich and the community. The primary focuses of the labs are: funnel building and traffic generation. Labs are Monday and Wednesday 3pm PST.

Limitless Community Deep Focus Sessions

Membership also includes an unlimited pass to Limitless, our community deep focus sessions on Zoom. Each session starts with a short mindfulness exercise. Join Limitless on Monday and Friday at 845am PST.

Access to the R+N Digital Marketer’s Notion Library

You’ll also be getting access to the Rich+Niche Digital Marketer’s Library. This used to be Rich’s Knowledge Base from Twitch, but it’s been reformatted for ease of use. You’ll be invited to this Notion board that is constantly updated with every single thing we say and do at rich+niche.

Direct Access to Rich Ux

As time goes on, it’s harder and harder to access Rich. He is busy between his content, his agency clients and of course the academy. But if you are a member you will always have close access via the labs and priority DM.

Private Community Forum

Rich+Niche is one of the fastest growing digital marketing professional communities. What makes it great is the quality of the members. There is a tremendous advantage to having shared experiences via community.

Content Vault

Our content vault grows every week with high-quality digital marketing and brand building content. Everything worth saving will be available for replay on demand.

Community Events

We have the occasional community gatherings online for any number of reasons which may include celebration, connection or accountability. Join a great community and watch your opportunities grow.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is trying to become a digital marketer.

Anyone who is building their personal brand.

Anyone who wants to build profitable funnels.

Anyone who wants to create content.

Anyone who wants to work remotely.

Who is this Not for?

People who know nothing about digital marketing.

People who HATE social media.

People who HATE selling things.

People who think they know it all.

People who blame others instead taking responsibility.

Join Now and Lock In Your Rate!

We will be raising the price as we add more content, classes, and members to the incubator, but existing members will always pay the same each month no matter what!

Regular Price – $297/month

Special Price – $77/month

Take action now! Just a few seats left at this price and then it will go up!

If you have any questions DM me on Instagram or Twitter @richandniche.

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