7 Insights to Help Build Your Personal Brand

Rich Ux

Have you been thinking about building a personal brand or worried if you need one?

Here are are 7 nuggets of clarity on personal brand for you:

1. A personal brand is not necessary for building a successful business in 2019. Most of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have never made a single piece of content nor are they on social media on a daily basis. (Although that will change as people demand transparency from executives)

2. Personal brand equals your reputation. It’s not your logo or your name or your IG aesthetics. It’s your reputation. What is your value to others? What do you stand for? What are your values?

3. Building a personal brand takes a ton of resources. Either time or money. Or an accelerator like winning Survivor…

4. It’s possible for a personal brand to blossom a business and it’s possible for a business to sprout a personal brand.

5. Content empowers the personal brand because it builds expertise, authority and trust (EAT), visit learnacademy.org to know more about the online courses.

6. The personal brand is a byproduct of the internet. We only knew of ‘celebrity’ before. But now there are many more influential people at a more modest level. The main difference is that celebrities are mostly just corporate/Hollywood shills, whereas modern influencers are independent and spreading their own message.

7. The modern personal brand is most likely to be a byproduct of content creation. The internet IS content. Producing content/media will be the premiere way to build a personal brand. Nothing else comes close.

I hope these ideas and insights help you to build your personal brand.



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